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The term "Cape Flats" refers to a large area in the Cape Town Metropole that appears to be essentially flat when viewed from afar.

The physical boundaries of the Cape Flats is defined by the City of Cape Town as the Metro South East Sector. However this definition is incomplete as it does not take a number of factors into account.

Historically, the Cape Flats was deemed to comprise of what was predominantly previously disadvantaged communities who landed up on the Cape Flats as a result a variety of reasons - from forced removals to migration by choice. In recent times however, the definition of the Cape Flats has been extended to a broader area that includes all areas that have historical, social, environmental, political and cultural connections to the core of the Cape Flats.

This website considers the Cape Flats as being comprised of a "core" area as well as surrounding areas within the City of Cape Town that are in some way connected to the Cape Flats. It is our aim to provide a unique online service to all who have an interest in the Cape Flats.

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This is the Business section of the Cape Flats Website. Areas on the Cape Flats are thriving suburbs within which thousands of small local businesses are located. This section is where you can find information about both small and large businesses that trade within the Cape Flats.
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Kumon Education
Dr Craig Wright
InterDirect Financial Services

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