As South Africa navigates through the tides of global changes and technological advancements, its job market is evolving rapidly. A diverse range of professions are emerging as particularly in demand, reflecting both the unique challenges and opportunities within the country. Here’s a look at some of the most sought-after jobs in South Africa this year.

Software Engineer: A cornerstone of the digital revolution, software engineers are in high demand for their ability to design and implement software solutions. Their role is pivotal in a country that is increasingly embracing digital technologies​

Network Administrator: These professionals ensure the smooth running and security of IT networks, a critical aspect in today’s interconnected world. Their role includes both setting up and maintaining networks, a task that has become increasingly important​

Data Scientist: With the explosion of data in the digital age, data scientists play a key role in processing and analyzing vast amounts of information to extract actionable insights, making them highly sought after in various sectors​

Health and Safety Manager: The emphasis on workplace health and safety has never been higher. These managers are crucial in ensuring compliance with safety laws and maintaining a safe work environment​

Accountants: Essential for maintaining financial health, accountants handle everything from tax advice to payroll, playing a significant role in both independent and institutional settings​

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Agricultural Engineer: Given South Africa’s rich agricultural landscape, these engineers are key in addressing challenges and applying innovative techniques in farming and food storage​

Lawyer: With their expertise in legal matters, lawyers are crucial in advocating for their clients, especially in a nation where legal intricacies are intertwined with everyday life and business​

Business Consultant: These professionals help businesses grow by improving processes, introducing new methods, and upgrading obsolete practices, reflecting the dynamic nature of South Africa’s economic landscape​

Hospital Administrator: Critical in ensuring that healthcare facilities run smoothly, these administrators play a key role in managing operations, policies, and staff training in healthcare institutions​

Pilot: Pilots are essential for maintaining South Africa’s connectivity with the rest of the world, whether through commercial flights or specialized aviation services​.

In addition to these roles, the job market also sees high demand for Supply Chain Managers, Translators, Agricultural Engineers, Data Scientists, and Lawyers, among others, each reflecting a specific need within the South African context​
The job market in South Africa is a tapestry of traditional roles adapting to modern challenges and new professions emerging in response to technological and societal shifts. It’s a market that offers opportunities across a spectrum of skills and interests, highlighting the country’s diverse and evolving economic landscape.

Most In-Demand Jobs in South Africa

  1. Supply Chain Manager – R750,000 p/a
  2. Translator – R275,000 p/a
  3. Software Engineer – R600,000 p/a
  4. Agricultural Engineer – R650,000 p/a
  5. Data Scientist – R550,000 p/a
  6. Accountant – R350,000 p/a
  7. Health & Safety Manager – R275,000 p/a
  8. Lawyer – R750,000 p/a
  9. Structural Engineer – R450,000 p/a
  10. Registered Nurse – R300,000 p/a
  11. Front End Web Developer – R425,000 p/a
  12. Office Administrator – R350,000 p/a
  13. Proofreader – R375,000 p/a
  14. Investment Advisor – R400,000 p/a
  15. Secondary School Teacher – R250,000 p/a
  16. Call Center Specialist – R175,000 p/a
  17. Credit Manager – R550,000 p/a
  18. Civil Engineer – R395,000 p/a
  19. Manufacturing Manager – R450,000 p/a
  20. e-Commerce Manager – R400,000 p/a
  21. Hospital Administrator – R350,000 p/a
  22. Data Analyst – R500,000 p/a
  23. Pilot – R295,000 p/a
  24. Information Technology Manager – R300,000 p/a
  25. Graphic Designer – R250,000 p/a
  26. Java Developer – R375,000 p/a
  27. Telemarketer – R100,000 p/a
  28. Broker – R320,000 p/a
  29. Customer Support Specialist – R200,000 p/a
  30. Content Creator – R225,000 p/a​

Highest-Paying Jobs in South Africa

  1. Chief Executive Officer – R1,189,902 p/a
  2. Petroleum Engineer – R1,129,021 p/a
  3. Medical Doctor – R720,003 p/a
  4. Actuarial Scientist – R706,602 p/a
  5. Judge – R622,474 p/a
  6. Plant Manager – R563,488 p/a
  7. Investment Banker – R562,501 p/a
  8. Financial Manager – R543,927 p/a
  9. Chartered Accountant – R501,474 p/a
  10. Cyber Security Engineer – R491,318 p/a
  11. IT Manager – R488,851 p/a
  12. Dentist – R487,491 p/a
  13. Pharmacist – R482,325 p/a
  14. Biomedical Engineer – R450,000 p/a
  15. Data Scientist – R441,064 p/a
  16. Management Consultant – R411,078 p/a
  17. Land Surveyor – R405,000 p/a
  18. Project Manager – R399,060 p/a
  19. Human Resource Manager – R392,160 p/a
  20. Software Engineer – R388,254 p/a
  21. Mechanical Engineer – R351,497 p/a
  22. Economist – R330,438 p/a
  23. Sales Manager – R313,799 p/a
  24. Pilot – R310,917 p/a
  25. Industrial Engineer – R309,549 p/a
  26. Architect – R281,039 p/a
  27. Digital Marketing Specialist – R261,580 p/a
  28. Air Traffic Controller – R254,453 p/a
  29. Lawyer – R237,511 p/a
  30. Tax Consultant – R236,525 p/a

Education Jobs and their Earnings (per month)

  1. College Dean: R 66,100
  2. Professor – Physics: R 52,200
  3. Professor – Mathematics: R 51,700
  4. Professor – Medicine: 57,400 ZAR
  5. Professor – Mechanical Engineering: R 50,500
  6. Professor – Electrical Engineering: R 50,000
  7. Biochemistry Professor: R 50,300
  8. Professor – Chemical Engineering: R 49,100
  9. Math Lecturer: R 49,700
  10. Dean of Faculty: R 57,000
  11. Lecturer: R 46,700
  12. Professor – Computer Science: R 47,000
  13. Professor – Economics: R 48,700
  14. Professor – Education: R 48,000
  15. Chief Remote Learning Officer: R 41,700
  16. Post Doctoral Researcher: R 42,100
  17. Principal: R 38,900
  18. Clinical School Psychologist: R 38,300
  19. Academic Manager: R 38,800
  20. Assistant School Principal: R 36,900

The average salary for teachers in general in South Africa is around R 206,058 per year.

South African Minimum Wage

For university professors, the average salary is R 1,038,366 per year, with the most typical earning being R 1,202,934.

Please note that these figures are approximate averages and can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and specific institutions.