Food Truck Valley Makes Its Mark at Ottery Shopping Centre

Craving Variety? Discover Ottery’s Ultimate Food Truck Destination!

food truck valley ottery

In an exciting culinary development, Food Truck Valley made its grand entrance at Ottery Shopping Centre, captivating the community with an impressive array of food and dessert options.

A Food Fiesta in the Southern Suburbs

The launch of Food Truck Valley at the Ottery Shopping Centre brought a vibrant celebration of taste and aroma to the local food scene. Attendees were treated to an unparalleled selection of meals and sweets, setting a high standard for culinary gatherings in the area.

Food Truck Valley Ottery

Setup within the Ottery Shopping Centre, Food Truck Valley has quickly become a focal point for food lovers. The diverse range of food trucks has created a gastronomic haven that caters to every palate, from savory delights to sweet treats.

A Feast of Flavors

The ensemble of food trucks at Food Truck Valley showcases the best in culinary diversity and creativity. Highlights include:

  • Wing It: A haven for chicken wing aficionados.
  • Everyday We Waffling: Where waffles become a canvas for culinary artistry.
  • Krispy Korn Dog: Reinventing the classic corn dog with a crispy twist.
  • Cairo Schwarma: Offering a taste of Middle Eastern flavors.
  • Smash Wagon: Burgers that are a smash hit with every bite.
  • Smart Foods: Innovative eats for the health-conscious.
  • Best Teas: A collection of teas from around the globe.
  • King’s Kitchen: Royal renditions of local cuisine.
  • Illy’s Burgers: Gourmet burgers that are a cut above.
  • Ciao Pizza: Italian pizza with authentic flair.
  • Stickyfingers: Desserts that are worth getting your hands sticky for.
  • Sugar Fix: Satisfying the sweet tooth with a variety of desserts.
  • Chef Cartel: A collective of chefs offering innovative dishes.

A Table of Culinary Delights

To encapsulate the rich variety of options available at Food Truck Valley, here’s a quick overview:

Food Truck Specialty
Wing It Chicken Wings
Everyday We Waffling Waffles
Krispy Korn Dog Corn Dogs
Cairo Schwarma Middle Eastern Cuisine
Smash Wagon Gourmet Burgers
Smart Foods Health-Conscious Meals
Best Teas Global Tea Selections
King’s Kitchen Local Cuisine
Illy’s Burgers Gourmet Burgers
Ciao Pizza Italian Pizza
Stickyfingers Desserts
Sugar Fix Desserts
Chef Cartel Innovative Dishes

Food Truck Valley’s debut at Ottery Shopping Centre marks a significant milestone in the local culinary landscape. It offers not just food, but a celebration of community, culture, and the universal love for good eats. As it establishes itself as a staple destination for food enthusiasts, Food Truck Valley promises to keep the flavors coming and the culinary experiences memorable.


The Ottery Shopping Centre is located at New Ottery Road, Ottery East, Western Cape, 7800, South Africa. This location serves as a vibrant hub for shopping and dining, including the novel Food Truck Valley initiative, providing a unique culinary experience to visitors and locals alike.

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