Nicole Johnson Seeks High Court Appeal Over Denied Bail

Will Nicole Win her Appeal?

Nicole Johnson Seeks High Court Appeal Over Denied Bail

In a continued effort to secure her release, Nicole Johnson, who is linked to the notorious 28s gang through her marriage, is set to challenge the refusal of her bail applications at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court. Johnson is the spouse of Ralph Stanfield, the alleged leader of the gang, and her appeal is slated for hearing in the Western Cape High Court later this week.

Legal Challenges and Allegations

Johnson’s legal team is contesting the decisions of Magistrate Atta Theart, asserting errors in the rulings which have twice led to bail denials. These legal setbacks follow the arrest of Johnson along with Stanfield and three others last year. They face charges related to the attempted murder of a former employee accused of embezzling over R1 million from them.

According to reports, the targeted individual, now a state witness, avoided going to work on November 24, 2022, heeding a warning that Stanfield intended to harm him. The magistrate justified the bail denial by pointing out that Johnson and Stanfield did not demonstrate exceptional circumstances warranting their release.

The Case Developments

A subsequent bail application by Johnson introduced new evidence; however, it was overshadowed by revelations from the state. During this hearing, evidence of Johnson’s alleged deceit came to light through an audio recording from a tracking company.

State prosecutor Advocate Nathan Adriaanse disclosed that Johnson had impersonated the owner of a BMW to discover its location, a vehicle owned by the girlfriend of the state witness.

Adriaanse further noted that the actual car owner was present during the call and was aware of Johnson’s intentions.

Johnson also cited her daughter’s undisclosed medical condition and the detrimental impact on her businesses since her arrest as reasons for her release, but her appeal was again unsuccessful.

Upcoming Legal Proceedings

In her latest legal move, Johnson’s attorneys argue that the magistrate did not adequately consider that she has not been charged with a violent offense. They highlighted her compliance with court orders in previous cases, including her return from international travel, to argue that she does not pose a flight risk.

The outcome of this appeal, scheduled for April 25, could potentially alter Johnson’s legal battles significantly.

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