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Fancy Boys Gang Member Sent to Prison

Fancy Boys Gang Member Sent to Prison

In a somber development from Mitchells Plain, an individual alleged to have ties with the Fancy Boys gang, implicated in the assassination of the erstwhile Americans gang leader, Mogamat Sadeka Madatt, has been incarcerated.

Abubakar Coetzee, a 38-year-old man, stood before the magistrate for the first time at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates Court this Friday, mere days following the tragic demise of Madatt within the precincts of his residence situated in the Kapteinsklip Informal settlement.

Eyewitness accounts reveal a grim tale of Madatt’s last moments, detailing how the tragedy unfolded as he made his way back home on a fateful Monday afternoon. The journey, intended for the mundane purpose of withdrawing cash from an ATM and purchasing food alongside a companion, took a fatal turn when they encountered members of a rival gang.

Malikah, Madatt’s 38-year-old wife, in a heartfelt conversation with the Daily Voice, refuted claims of her husband’s ongoing involvement in gang-related activities, insisting on his detachment from such life.

“On Monday, he brought the food home and went out to look for a lighter for entjie when he was shot,”

Malikah recounted the events leading to the catastrophe.

According to witnesses, a confrontation ensued between Madatt and the assailant, culminating in a struggle during which a firearm was discharged, the bullets striking Madatt in the hand and chest. The urgency of the situation propelled the witnesses to rush him to the Mitchells Plain Day Hospital; however, Malikah confirmed the tragic end of his journey, pronouncing him deceased upon arrival.

As the community mourned, laying Madatt to rest in Mowbray Cemetery, the alleged perpetrator, known colloquially as “Bakka,” was apprehended by the authorities.

Eric Ntabazalila, a spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), provided an official statement regarding the arrest and subsequent legal proceedings faced by Coetzee:

“The case against Abubakar Coetzee has been postponed until 16 April 2024 for an identity parade. He is charged with murder,”

Ntabazalila disclosed, shedding light on the serious allegations laid against Coetzee.

This incident casts a long shadow over the history of gang-related violence within the community. Sadeka, once convicted in 2008 for his involvement in illegal drug and uncut diamond trafficking, served a decade behind bars, a sentence that marked a significant chapter in his life. His brother, Kaldimola ‘Dimes’ Madatt, also fell victim to the relentless cycle of gang violence, meeting a similar fate outside his Rocklands residence in 2022.

This tragedy not only reopens wounds of the past but also accentuates the persistent scourge of gang violence that plagues communities, leaving behind a trail of loss and mourning.

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