Incident Outside Goodwood School Leaves Learner Hospitalized

Parents losing patience with JG Meiring High principal

Incident Outside Goodwood School Leaves Learner Hospitalized

In a distressing turn of events in Cape Town, a student from JG Meiring High finds himself recuperating in a hospital following a severe attack that occurred just outside the premises of the Goodwood educational institution this past Monday. The episode unfolded as the 16-year-old Grade 11 student was making his way to his school transport at the intersection of Dingle and Elize streets. During this moment, he suffered injuries from being struck on the head with a brick and subsequently stabbed.

It has come to light that the assault may have been orchestrated by an ex-student of the school, a young woman who purportedly summoned her boyfriend to execute the attack on the learner.

Following the incident, fellow students swiftly acted, providing immediate assistance to the injured party by taking him back to the school, where they awaited the arrival of medical services.

Community Reaction and Parental Concerns

The incident has sparked a significant reaction from the community, notably among parents. The subsequent day saw a gathering of approximately 20 parents outside the school, expressing their grievances and concerns. This demonstration is a follow-up to a previous protest, which took place three weeks prior, where parents voiced their dissatisfaction with the school’s principal over what they perceive as inadequate communication.

Parents have openly expressed their distress, recounting the trauma experienced by their children in the wake of Monday’s violence. One parent, Tasneem Johnson, shared her personal turmoil upon learning about the attack, fearing for the safety of her own child who had recently been bullied.

“When I heard on the group that there was a stabbing at the school I became worried and I thought of my child, who was bullied just last week. I called him and when I couldn’t reach him I got really frustrated because I thought he was stabbed. He is so traumatised and so are we, as parents we send our children to this school thinking that they are safe but they are not.”

School’s Response and Measures

The School Governing Body (SGB), led by chairperson Ravell Roberts, convened a meeting on the day of the assault to deliberate on the incident and explore additional safety measures. Roberts emphasized the collective responsibility and the need for parental involvement to safeguard the students.

“We had the meeting to review the incident and see what additional precautionary measures we can put in place. We indicated that we want to take some responsibility, we want parents to volunteer and assist before and after school, to make sure their kids are safe.”

Official Statements and Investigations

In response to the stabbing, Kerry Mauchline, spokesperson for Education MEC David Maynier, confirmed that the authorities were informed about the incident and detailed the steps being taken to support the school community, including counseling services provided by the district support team and an investigation by the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Police spokesperson, Wesley Twigg, also confirmed that an investigation is underway, aiming to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the attack and to bring those responsible to justice. He encouraged anyone with information to come forward and assist the investigation.

The community remains on edge, and the incident has ignited a crucial conversation about student safety and the measures necessary to protect young learners within their educational environments.

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