Durban Court Orders Repayment in Psychic Fraud Case

Family falls for Psychic Scam

Durban Court Orders Repayment in Psychic Fraud Case

In an intriguing case from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, a woman who falsely claimed to possess psychic abilities has been mandated by the Pietermaritzburg High Court to reimburse a staggering amount of R5.5 million. This ruling comes after she deceived a bereaved family into believing she could facilitate communication with their deceased loved one.

Deborah Govender, the accused, has been instructed to return R4,992,778.61 to Kajal Aheer and an additional R540,000 to Kajal’s father, Vinesh Gokul Aheer. This decision highlights the court’s stance on exploiting individuals’ vulnerabilities for financial gain.

The Aheer family sought Govender’s services following the demise of Aheer’s mother due to a heart attack in July 2015. They discovered Govender through an advertisement on Gumtree, where she claimed to have the extraordinary ability to connect with the afterlife through prayer to a deity. Motivated by a desire to maintain contact with their mother, Aheer moved closer to Durban for the sessions with Govender.

Govender professed to have established a meaningful connection with the deceased, convincing the family of her authenticity. However, in 2017, the situation took a dark turn as Govender began to exploit her influence over the family. She falsely claimed that she was under threat from individuals wishing to harm her and convinced Aheer that she could cast protective spells for a fee.

The extortion did not stop at protective spells; Govender manipulated the family into funding extravagant purchases, including the operation of a beauty spa, La Vida Spa, covering her monthly rent, and buying a Ford Mustang, jewellery, among other financial demands.

When Aheer confided in her brother about the ongoing situation, he took immediate action by engaging a lawyer and successfully obtaining a protection order against Govender. Clinical psychologist Clive Willows provided insights into the case, indicating that Aheer was coerced into compliance due to perceived threats to her safety by Govender.

The court’s verdict mandates Govender to make restitution to the Aheer family, including court costs, underscoring the legal system’s commitment to justice and the protection of citizens from fraudulent schemes. This case serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of trusting individuals who prey on the vulnerabilities of those grieving and seeking solace in the aftermath of loss.

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Written by Bobby Boucher


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