Iconic Duo Peaches and Herb Set to Enchant Cape Town with a Soulful Performance

Let get Reunited with Peaches and Herb

peaches and herb

Cape Town, South Africa – Music aficionados with a penchant for classic soul tunes have reason to rejoice as the renowned musical duo Peaches and Herb is all set to grace Cape Town with their live concert this June.

The Beloved “Sweethearts of Soul” Return

Wanda Tolson and Herb Fame, the dynamic duo behind Peaches and Herb, are well-known figures in the realm of American soul music. Their harmonious melodies and soulful performances have garnered them a devoted following over the years.

A Night of Romantic Soul Ballads

The “Sweethearts of Soul” express their excitement at the prospect of returning to Cape Town to serenade their fans with a selection of romantic soul ballads. With previous successful performances at the Grand Arena, Grand West stage, Peaches and Herb have left an indelible mark on audiences spanning generations.

A Journey Through Time with Peaches and Herb

Prepare for an enchanting evening filled with timeless classics, as Peaches and Herb are set to perform their greatest hits, including iconic tracks like “Reunited,” “Let’s Fall in Love,” “Close Your Eyes,” “For Your Love,” “Love Is Strange,” and “Shake Your Groove Thing.”

A Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Peaches and Herb’s musical journey began in 1976 with the release of “Let’s Fall in Love,” marking the start of their meteoric rise in the music industry. Their hit song “Reunited” reached the pinnacle of success, claiming the number one spot on charts worldwide in 1980, and subsequently becoming their signature song. The following year, the duo continued to captivate audiences with the immensely successful album “I Pledge My Love,” a piece that has since become a favorite choice for weddings. Their success continued with “Bluer than Blue” the following year.

Andy Heynes Brings Back the Duo

After successfully promoting concerts, including a notable performance by Shakatak in September 2023, popular concert promoter Andy Heynes has decided to bring back Peaches and Herb to Cape Town, much to the delight of their fans.

Wanda Tolson: The Latest Peaches

Wanda Tolson, the latest in a line of talented female vocalists to perform as Peaches, is currently Herb’s singing partner on stage. At 81, Herb Fame is ready to conquer Cape Town once more, a city he last visited in 2013. Andy Heynes commented, “Boasting an independent singing career that is as successful as that of her predecessors, the current Peaches also introduces a fresh, sexy quality to the duo. For Herb in particular, this latest concert will be special. The veteran crooner gets to conquer a city he last visited in 2013.”

A Musical Journey of Nostalgia

Fans and followers of Peaches and Herb can look forward to a musical journey filled with nostalgia as the duo performs the chart-topping hits that have left an enduring mark on music history.

An Intimate Performance at The Arena

The concert, set to take place at The Arena, will transform the venue into an intimate stage for one of the world’s most unforgettable musical duos.

Peaches and Herb Ticket Information

Tickets for this extraordinary evening are available for purchase starting at R325. The performance is scheduled to begin at 8 pm on June 15.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an unforgettable night of soulful melodies and timeless classics brought to life by Peaches and Herb.

List of Peaches and Herb Best songs

Peaches and Herb, the iconic musical duo, have delivered a range of memorable songs throughout their career. Here is a list of some of their best-known tracks:

  1. “Reunited” – Their signature song and a chart-topping classic.
  2. “Shake Your Groove Thing” – A disco anthem that continues to groove audiences.
  3. “Close Your Eyes” – A soulful ballad that captures the essence of romance.
  4. “Let’s Fall in Love” – A delightful tune that showcases their harmonious chemistry.
  5. “Love Is Strange” – A playful and catchy track that remains a fan favorite.
  6. “For Your Love” – A soulful love song that tugs at the heartstrings.
  7. “Two Little Kids” – A touching ballad that displays their emotional depth.
  8. “I Pledge My Love” – A wedding favorite that exudes love and commitment.
  9. “We’re Still Together” – A testament to enduring love and devotion.

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