Is Joel Booysen dating Nadia Nakai?

Joel Booysen Clarifies Relationship with Nadia Nakai

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Cape Town’s nightlife scene was recently abuzz with speculation, following a widely circulated video featuring nightclub owner Joel Booysen and popular rapper Nadia Nakai. Booysen, the 28-year-old son of the reputed gang leader Jerome “Donkie” Booysen, has firmly dismissed rumors suggesting a romantic link between him and Nakai.

Viral Video Sparks Rumors

The frenzy began when Nakai, also known by her stage name “Bragga,” shared a clip on Instagram Stories showing the pair enjoying a night out. This caused a stir among social media users, fueling speculation about their relationship. Nakai, previously in a relationship with the late hip hop star Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, found herself at the center of gossip following the video’s release.

AKA, a prominent figure in the hip hop community, was tragically murdered in Durban last year, alongside his friend, celebrity chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane. The incident occurred outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Road.

Booysen’s Response

In response to the widespread conjecture, Booysen, who runs Sneaker Cartel on Long Street, clarified the nature of his relationship with Nakai. Through his social media channels, he stated,

“Me and Nadia are just friends. We were at my nightclub in town, and she hosted at my place that night. She took the video with no bad intentions, but people went and added their own story. Me and she are like brother and sister; nothing more. She is very good in what she does… she is always a vibe when we hosting her.”

Booysen also reflected on his friendship with the late AKA, emphasizing his own current relationship status and reinforcing his platonic bond with Nakai.

The TikTok Impersonation Issue

Adding to the complexity, Booysen brought attention to an ongoing issue with a fake TikTok account impersonating him. He expressed frustration over the account, which has been misleading his followers and tarnishing his reputation. He revealed,

“People are all following this fake TikTok account thinking that it is me chatting women up and getting money out of people. I have never had any TikTok accounts in my life, this account is big and plenty of people follow it thinking that it’s me. I need people to know, we had it in the newspaper, but some still haven’t gotten the memo.”

Booysen firmly stated that any TikTok content under his name is fraudulent, further highlighting his concerns over the impersonation affecting his public image.

In the midst of the social media frenzy, Booysen’s statements offer clarity on his relationship with Nakai, while also shedding light on the challenges of maintaining a public persona in the digital age.

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