Progressive Caucus Challenges ANC Over Exclusion from National Unity Government

Is the ANC Marginalising Key Political Parties in the GNU?

Progressive Caucus Challenges ANC Over Exclusion from National Unity Government

A newly formed parliamentary group, the Progressive Caucus, has voiced concerns that the African National Congress (ANC) has excluded them from the Government of National Unity (GNU), instead favoring their chosen allies.

The Progressive Caucus, which comprises six political parties, has accused the ANC of sidelining them in crucial governmental decisions. These six parties include Al Jama-Ah, African Transformation Movement (ATM), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), United Africans Transformation (UAT), and the United Democratic Movement (UDM).

The parties have formally approached the ANC, seeking a discussion to address their inclusion in the GNU. According to their statement, they have “written to the ANC requesting a meeting about being included in the GNU project.”

The ANC seems determined to align with DA and DA-affliated parties at the expense of Africanist socialist ideologies. Excluding these parties may benefit the ANC in the short-term but in the long run, these voices will only amplify.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

Name: Siphiwe Dlamini
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation: Journalist and Political Analyst

Siphiwe Dlamini is a dynamic and passionate journalist and political analyst based in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a unique blend of academic expertise and practical experience, Siphiwe has established himself as a trusted voice in the field of journalism, particularly in political reporting and analysis.

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