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A Day of Disappointment for South Africa

fadiel speaks out A Day of Disappointment for South Africa

The day many anticipated with excitement has turned sour, leaving South Africa with little reason to celebrate. A sense of dread looms as the nation faces a pivotal moment reminiscent of its past struggles.

Repeating History: A New Era of Control

Cyril Ramaphosa appears set to fulfill a mandate that critics argue will return control to white supremacist interests. The concern isn’t about the race of the leader but rather the intentions and policies of those poised to govern.

“My concern is not having a white leader. I couldn’t care if the president of this country was purple.”

Neglecting the Poor

The primary worry lies in the potential government’s disregard for the impoverished, especially people of color. The appointment of a speaker who opposes the minimum wage exacerbates these fears.

“My concern is that the people that are about to form a government don’t care about the poor. They don’t care about poor people of color in particular. You know, we’re about to have a speaker who believes that the minimum wage must be scrapped.”

Questioning the Sacrifices Made

Reflecting on the sacrifices of figures like Solomon Mahlangu, many question whether the current trajectory honors their legacy. Accusations of electoral manipulation and pre-planned governance undermine confidence in the democratic process.

“How? What country do we live in? Is this what so many people died for? Solomon Muslangu died so poor people could live better. Ramaphosa is a counter-revolutionary. Excuse me if I sound like Julius today.”

Suspicions of Electoral Manipulation

Allegations of vote rigging have surfaced, suggesting the forthcoming government was orchestrated years in advance. These suspicions echo sentiments expressed by political figures like Julius Malema.

“Look, it’s clear that there was massive vote rigging. It is clear that the government we are about to elect today was pre-planned three years ago. Julius is right.”

A Call to Action

In light of these events, there’s a renewed call to action among those feeling betrayed by the political process.

“The madness is over. Let’s roll up our sleeves. The fight back begins today.”

Mobilizing the Youth

Despite limited resources, there’s pride in the political engagement of young voters, particularly from colored communities. Restoring faith in the political system remains a crucial task.

“You know, with our limited means and all of the 14,000 rand we have, we are very pleased that so many colored youngsters took the opportunity to register themselves to vote and to actually come out and vote. You know, young people in this country don’t vote because they’ve lost faith. It’s our job to return that faith.”

Stellenbosch Ochestrated Circus

There is significant skepticism about the new coalition government, with predictions that it will resemble a chaotic circus dominated by right-wing interests.

“As far as I’m concerned, we might as well have gone to Boswell Wilkie Circus, got a handful of clowns and positioned them because that’s exactly what this is going to turn into. It’s going to turn into a right-wing circus. We’re going to be handled from Stellenbosch.”

The Rich Control

Concerns also center around elite families exerting control over the country, reminiscent of the worst periods in history. There are calls for more progressive coalition partners who could drive real change.

“A handful of families will rule us all. You know, if you wanted a truly progressive government coalition, there’s a handful of parties you could have spoken to. This man has chosen regressive partners.”

Returning to the Stone Age?

Some fear the nation is regressing, with predictions of worsening conditions under the new government. The African National Congress (ANC) is seen as failing due to its bloated structure, contrasting with the leaner, more effective approach that some advocate for.

“They’re going to take us back to the Stone Age. It’s going to get worse than ever. At the ANC, we prefer to keep things small and compact.”

A Leaner Approach

The ANC’s current struggles are attributed to its lack of agility and responsiveness. A leaner organization is seen as more capable of adapting and addressing the nation’s challenges.

“You know, there’s a reason the ANC is suffering. It’s because a big fat cat can’t be mobile, can’t be agile, can’t be hostile. We’ve learned that the leaner the better.”

Apartheid Legacy Back in Control

The disappointment extends to having influential figures with ties to the apartheid regime in power, contradicting the ideals many fought for.

“This is not what we fought for. We did not fight to have the son of an apartheid-hanging judge control half the coalition. It’s madness.”

The sentiments expressed highlight deep concerns about the direction South Africa is heading, calling for vigilance and renewed efforts to fight for a just and equitable society.

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