Pensioners in Mitchell’s Plain Express Frustration Over Unreceived July 2024 Payments

Pensioners in Mitchell’s Plain Express Frustration Over Unreceived July 2024 Payments

Pensioners in Mitchell’s Plain have voiced their dissatisfaction with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), citing “constant misdirection” from local officials as the cause of their frustration after failing to receive their pensions for July 2024.

No Post Office in Mitchell’s Plain

Last week, numerous pensioners found themselves unable to collect their monthly grants due to the absence of a functioning Post Office in Mitchell’s Plain.

SASSA representatives in the area have stated that the pension funds were deposited into Post Bank accounts and that any issues or inquiries should be directed to the bank.

The closure of the local Post Office last year, due to financial problems, has not been resolved, leaving many residents in a difficult position.

The Struggles of Sandra Goldschmidt

Sandra Goldschmidt, a resident of Mitchell’s Plain, shared her experience:

“I went to the Grassy Park Post Office for three days, which were the 1st and 2nd of July. I was advised by officials that the system was off-line and will only be functional on Friday, the 5th,”

she said.

“When I returned to the Post Office on Friday, I was told that there’s a glitch with the system and our money went out of the account; and that an investigation was being done.”

Goldschmidt mentioned that Post Office officials informed them it might take up to two or three months for the pension money to be received. The delay affects pensioners who still use the old SASSA yellow card, while those with personal bank accounts are unaffected.

Calls for Reopening of the Post Office

Sandra Goldschmidt, expressing her frustration, stated:

“The government must please reopen our Post Office in Mitchells Plain because we are suffering. I am a pensioner, and it costs me R60 per day to travel with a taxi to collect my pension. I was also not aware that I should rather open a bank account.”

SASSA’s Response

SASSA spokesperson, Shivani Wahab, explained that the transition away from physical cash payment points (CPPs) and cash withdrawals at Post Offices had been announced in 2023 and took effect in January 2024.

“This move aims to improve the overall customer experience and address challenges such as cash-in-transit heists, unfavourable conditions at CPP sites, and closure and capacity challenges at post offices,”

Wahab said.

According to Wahab, by December 2023, 98% of SASSA beneficiaries were already using various National Payment System (NPS) channels to withdraw their social grants.

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