Opposition Parties Call for Suspension of Mayco Member Amid Waste Removal Services Scandal

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Cape Town, South Africa – Opposition parties have demanded that Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis take action against Mayco member Grant Twigg in the wake of an explosive investigation into the collapse of waste removal services in Cape Town. The report, which recently surfaced in the media, has raised questions about selective actions taken against DA (Democratic Alliance) politicians implicated in alleged wrongdoing.

The leaked report, obtained by the Cape Argus, points out that the formation of an “in-house” waste removal model was executed without proper delegated authority by Twigg and his executive director, Luzuko Mdunyelwa. This internal report, presented to councillors during the last council meeting in December, reveals that this new model has resulted in high court proceedings against the municipality and a substantial budget overrun of over R500 million when compared to previous cost estimates.

The investigators, in their extensive report, attribute the collapse of waste removal services in more than 300 townships to both Twigg and Mdunyelwa. Opposition parties have reacted strongly to these findings, demanding immediate action.

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Dawayne Jacobs, representing the National Coloured Congress, voiced concerns that have long surrounded the roll-out of waste removal services. Jacobs stated, “We questioned many things linked to this, such as if the service providers were not fulfilling their contractual obligations, why were the 220 City-manned trucks not being utilized? We asked about the change in the model and the absence of a proper in-house system, but our inquiries were met with silence.”

Cheslyn Steenberg of the Patriotic Alliance expressed anger at the impact of failed plans on vulnerable residents in Cape Town’s poorest communities and accused Mayor Hill-Lewis of cadre deployment. Steenberg called for Twigg’s suspension and a comprehensive investigation into all politicians and officials allegedly involved, including the possibility of a criminal investigation.

Suzette Little, leader of the GOOD Party caucus, joined the chorus, stating that the contents of the publicized report justified Twigg’s suspension. She drew parallels to a previous suspension of another Mayco member, Zahid Badroodien, for alleged tampering, and emphasized the need for consistent treatment in similar cases.

Mayor Hill-Lewis, however, defended Twigg, stating, “There is no suggestion of any impropriety.” While he did not directly address whether Twigg would be suspended, he emphasized that Twigg had expressed concerns about the quality of delivery from private contractors in informal settlements. He also stressed the goal of achieving cleaner informal settlements and improved services for residents while acknowledging that more preparation was required for in-sourcing services.

As the political debate intensifies, the fate of Grant Twigg and the fallout from the waste removal services scandal remain subjects of significant public interest and scrutiny.

This article reports on the growing demands from opposition parties for the suspension of Mayco member Grant Twigg in response to an investigation into the collapse of waste removal services in Cape Town. While Mayor Hill-Lewis defends Twigg, citing concerns about service quality, the call for suspension persists amid questions of political accountability and transparency.

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