Mom of Two Loses Wendy to Fire

A Cape Flats mother says that it will take time to rebuild her life after her home was set on fire. Janice Daniels, from Lotus River, claims that the fire destroyed all she had worked for.

It’s hard because everything you worked so hard for is gone in a flash. It’s a lot memories that have been lost with it. The single mother of two said that five days ago, she had a home. Now there is nothing.

She stated that she doesn’t know what set off the fire, but that she was grateful that no one was in her house when it erupted at her Wendy House on Gull Road.

“There wasn’t anyone at home. I was at work, and my kids were at school. “My sister was there, but it was already burning when she opened the door. “I was afraid I would not go to my children’s house when I got back because it was already a tragedy. “But, they knew of the fire before they returned home with teachers at 11am.

Janice stated that they were in tears and devastated when Janice got out of their car. Whitney’s 10-year-old son Reegan, and Whitney’s 12-year-old daughter Whitney have all left behind their school bags and the uniforms they wore.

Jermaine Carelse, spokesperson for fire and rescue services, confirmed that the call was received at 7.50 a.m. Fire crews responded to the incident.

“The cause of the incident is not known and three people were evacuated.” There were no reports of injuries or deaths.

George Nelson, who temporarily took the family in, expressed sympathy for their loss.

“It is heartbreaking that she has lost her place and everything. He said that it takes just a few minutes to lose everything, and that it can take a lifetime to attain those things.

Janice said that while the community has been a great support to her, she still needs material for building.

Here are some safety tips for Wendy House owners

Safety Standards

British Standard EN71, which aligns with the relevant European Standard, is the applicable safety legislation for toys such as play houses or wendy houses to be used in a garden. It covers many aspects of toys manufacture and use, but the most relevant areas for a playhouse or wendy house are listed below:

  • Flammability – The structure might catch on fire, but it will be possible to escape.
  • There have not been any poisons – lead paint and other dangerous substances were not used in the manufacturing process.
  • Activity toys – This section focuses on this type of toy and mainly looks at the parts that stick out, stability, and where children can get trapped.
  • Mechanical – Making sure that no part can choke or be swallowed and making sure that no child is stabbed or trapped.
  • Compounds – Limits for the use of compounds in manufacturing that could pose problems if eaten or licked.

As long as the playhouse or wendy house you’re considering buying meets this standard, you can be sure your child will be safe while playing in the garden.

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