Mogoeng Mogoeng’s Determined Pursuit of Presidency Amid Adversity

Is Mogoeng Mogoeng’s Presidential Dream Possible?

Mogoeng Mogoeng's Determined Pursuit of Presidency Amid Adversity

In Cape Town, the former Chief Justice of South Africa, Mogoeng Mogoeng, maintains an unshakeable conviction that he is destined to lead the nation as its president. This belief comes in the face of adversity, including ridicule, misinterpretation, and threats against his life.

Mogoeng has shared that he has received divine confirmation on three separate occasions regarding his eventual ascension to the presidency.

Despite the grave nature of threats to his life, Mogoeng’s resolve remains unbroken.

“It’s not an unction, it’s a settled matter. The Almighty God has spoken and it is settled and no shenanigan can reverse what he has predetermined,” Mogoeng expressed confidently.

He further elaborated that no level of derision or distortion can alter what he firmly believes has been divinely ordained. Mogoeng highlighted, “No amount of mockery or misrepresentation will undo that the Lord has predetermined and have so many times over. By the way, even a good number of influential people who do not necessarily believe in the Lord Jesus know that it is true.”

Mogoeng touched upon the severity of the risks he faces, hinting at previous plans to end his life. “No wonder there are so many attempts to eliminate me. I won’t elaborate, but it is good enough to say that there was a plan to take my life before the end of last month. But, by the grace of God, I’m here.”

While acknowledging propositions from various political entities, Mogoeng’s allegiance lies with divine direction.

“But it is the Almighty God that I am going to follow. I am not hungry for any positions, publicity, fame of anything of that sort. As I said before, I’ll be just too happy to enjoy my pension. But when God says you are the one I am going to send at a time appointed by me, I dare not disobey,” he stated.

Yet, Mogoeng’s path to the presidency is not without legal complications. The Judicial Code of Conduct presents a barrier, as it restricts retired judges from participating in partisan politics, potentially complicating his journey to leadership.

This unfolding story raises numerous questions about the intersection of faith, personal conviction, and public service, as Mogoeng Mogoeng stands firm in his belief against the backdrop of legal and societal challenges. How will these aspirations align with South Africa’s legal framework, and what impact might this have on the nation’s political landscape? Only time will reveal the outcome of this unique convergence of law, politics, and personal faith.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

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