Minister Pravin Gordhan Announces Plans to Retire After Upcoming Elections

What’s Next for Pravin Gordhan After Retirement?

Minister Pravin Gordhan Announces Plans to Retire After Upcoming Elections

The Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) has made it known that Minister Pravin Gordhan plans to step down from his active role in politics following the conclusion of the current government’s term after the next elections.

Since taking the helm at the Department of Public Enterprises in 2018, Minister Gordhan has played a pivotal role, continuing a long history of leadership positions within the government that spans back to the dawn of democracy in South Africa three decades ago.

The revelation about Minister Gordhan’s forthcoming retirement from politics aims to openly inform key groups related to his work about his future intentions.

Furthermore, this disclosure is designed to initiate the necessary steps for a seamless transition for both the Minister and the Department as this administration draws to a close.

Minister Gordhan has expressed gratitude towards the Acting Director-General, the DPE staff, the boards, management, and employees of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and all partners for their cooperation and efforts towards reform and revitalization.

This announcement aligns with the ANC’s preparation to present its list of candidates to the Independent Electoral Commission, following its list conference earlier in the week.

Gordhan shared his decision to retire to the media, highlighting a shift in focus towards his family and well-being after decades of activism.

“I feel it is time to focus on my family and health. It is the end of 50 years of activism, but I will always remain an activist. It has been a great privilege to serve in various capacities and hopefully I can contribute by teaching what I know to new and younger generations,” Gordhan stated.

His departure coincides with that of other seasoned ANC members, such as National Assembly Speaker Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the Minister in the Presidency for Women, Youth, and People with Disabilities, who have also indicated their intentions to retire post-elections.

Gordhan’s announcement comes at a crucial time as his department oversees the divestment of shares in SAA to the Takatso Consortium.

Recently, the public enterprises portfolio committee disclosed that a legal review affirmed the confidentiality of documents related to the SAA share sale.

Committee head Khaya Magaxa mentioned that the committee would examine the details in a private session, focusing on the Single Source Provider Application due to the ongoing transaction and the lack of final results.

This development followed a closed meeting on Wednesday where the committee considered a legal perspective from the parliamentary legal services regarding the documents Minister Gordhan had provided.

Gordhan had notified Magaxa that the requested documents were confidential, essential for the negotiation process, and their disclosure could negatively impact the government and public interest.

“It is information relating to negotiating processes both in 2021 and currently, and disclosures of which may adversely affect those processes to the detriment of government and the public interest.

Nevertheless, Gordhan noted that certain updates, including the appointment of Rand Merchant Bank as transaction advisor, did not fall under the confidentiality clause and could be communicated publicly.

However, the DA has informed Magaxa of its decision to abstain from any private considerations of the SAA-Takatso deal until such discussions are made open to the public, including the media, and until the share sale and purchase agreement, along with other pertinent documents, are disclosed.

What next for Pravin Gordhan?

As Minister Pravin Gordhan charts his course towards retirement, questions naturally arise about what the future holds for him. With a legacy of public service that spans five decades, will Gordhan step away from the public sphere entirely, or might he embark on a new chapter, potentially through advisory roles or joining another political entity?

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