Former Police Minister Nathi Nhleko Allegedly Resigns from the ANC

Has the African National Congress Lost Its Way?

Nathi Nhleko has RESIGNED from the ANC

Former Police Minister Nathi Nhleko, who previously criticized Fikile Mbalula as the worst Secretary-General in the history of the ANC, has stepped down from the African National Congress.

The attachments appear to be a comprehensive resignation letter from Nkosinathi Phiwokuhle Nhleko to the African National Congress (ANC). He expresses deep disappointment and a strong disconnection between his personal values and the current trajectory of the ANC. Citing 35 years of service in various capacities including as a student activist, underground military operative, trade unionist, and in senior government positions, Nhleko feels that the ANC has deviated from its founding principles and is failing the people of South Africa.

He recounts his early life and commitment to the ANC from a young age, driven by the injustices of apartheid and a desire to contribute to the liberation struggle. However, he now feels that the ANC is not living up to the ideals that once inspired him and others to join and fight for democracy and liberation.

Nhleko mentions an attack against him by Mr. Fikile Mbalula, the Secretary General of the ANC, over his research and investigative work regarding security upgrades in Nkandla, the former President’s residence. He believes the outcome of his work did not sit well with some leaders in the ANC, leading to his being stripped of job opportunities and meaningful contributions to society.

In his letter, Nhleko expresses hope that the ANC will eventually refocus and realign itself with its original mission to better serve all South Africans. He concludes his letter by expressing his gratitude for the opportunities the ANC provided him, despite his decision to resign due to the incongruence between his values and the party’s current state.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

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