Celebrating Local Talent and Entrepreneurship at the Eid Market in Cape

Eid Markets provide the Cape Flats a festive alternative

Celebrating Local Talent and Entrepreneurship at the Eid Market in Cape

In a vibrant showcase of local talent and entrepreneurial spirit, Rasheeqah Karriem, a renowned social media influencer with a following exceeding 160,000, recently organized what many are calling the most successful Eid market to date in the Cape. Karriem’s venture, under her brand Sheecas Closet, not only highlighted the influence of social media but also underscored the community’s appetite for quality local products and the underestimated business acumen of our populace.

Held at the City Park Stadium in Athlone, the market featured over 150 vendors offering an array of products ranging from clothing and toys to gourmet foods and spices, catering to a diverse crowd. The event was designed with everyone in mind, providing a play area for children, a shopping haven for parents, and a relaxing environment for the elderly to enjoy the splendid weather and delicious food offerings.

The attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the market, ensuring a pleasant experience for the attendees with ample security and well-maintained facilities, creating the perfect ambiance for the occasion.

Loukmaan Adams, one of the event’s logistical coordinators, expressed his amazement at the turnout and the meticulous planning involved.

“I have never seen something so special where more than 11,000 people came out to an event that had stalls and made sure the amenities for the people’s prayer time was top priority. With that said, people enjoyed iftaar together and more importantly, it was the fact that they could come out and support a girl who represents our own.”

For Karriem, the market was a realization of a long-held dream.

“We worked very hard to pull it off. We still have a very long way to go to make it even bigger and more successful. I’m very grateful to all the people who worked hard behind the scenes to bring this to life. It was the best to meet new followers and friends and also speak to so many people. It was awesome dealing with local business owners who are powerful entrepreneurs doing well in our country and lastly to all the people who came out to support the event, thank you so much. I still can’t believe that we had 4000 people the first day and more than 7000 people the next day, alhamdulillah, I am very grateful.”

The market did not just serve as a commercial hub; it became a community gathering, attracting individuals from as far as Worcester and providing a significant platform for local vendors to showcase their creations.

This event is a testament to the potential of our youth and the impact of giving them the opportunity to pursue their dreams. It’s a reminder to support young entrepreneurs whose endeavors could lead to substantial community benefits.

Rasheeqah Karriem’s dream of bringing people together through commerce and culture has materialized into a remarkable success, echoing the need for more such platforms that celebrate and support local talent and entrepreneurship.

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Written by Layla Hadid

Layla Hadid is a passionate freelance journalist hailing from Midrand, known for her insightful coverage and compelling storytelling. With a keen eye for uncovering the stories that matter, Layla has made a name for herself in the journalism landscape of South Africa. Her work spans a variety of topics, from local community issues to broader, socially impactful stories that resonate with a diverse audience. Layla's dedication to truth and transparency has earned her respect and admiration among peers and readers alike.


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