Cape Flats Water Network Maintenance Progressing Well

Cape Flats Water Network Maintenance Progressing Well

The City of Cape Town has announced significant progress in the essential maintenance work on the Cape Flats water network. According to the city’s plans, residents affected by the three-day water outage are expected to have their water supply restored by midnight tonight.

By yesterday afternoon, city teams had reached the halfway mark of the repair work. In a statement, the city remarked,

“This work will ensure that the City’s pipe infrastructure is in the best possible condition for years to come.”

Areas Affected

The water outage has impacted several areas, including Wynberg, Ottery, Diep River, Retreat, Steenberg, Muizenberg, Lakeside, Grassy Park, Pelican Park, and their surrounding regions.
Progress at Multiple Sites

The city reported that work on five sites, involving the replacement of six valves, is progressing well, with each site at different stages of completion. Four of these sites have had valves installed, with the exception of Acacia Road. Additionally, a sixth valve was discovered and identified for replacement.

Detailed Site Updates

Maintenance teams are also assessing existing pipes, performing repairs, welding, and necessary modifications. Here are the specific updates on each site:

  • Prince George Drive: Completed, with two valves replaced.
  • Blackbird corner of Acacia Road: Still in progress, with a new spool piece being manufactured.
  • Blackbird Avenue corner of Kestrel Road: Still in progress.
  • Carrol Road: Completed.
  • George Road: Completed.

Appeal to Residents

The city has urged residents to be considerate when collecting water from the water tankers provided. This appeal comes after an incident where a resident attempted to fill two 1000-litre tanks at one collection point. The city emphasized that residents should only collect the water they need to ensure fair distribution among all affected households.

As the city continues its work, the prompt completion and restoration of water services remain a priority, aiming to minimize disruption and ensure the long-term reliability of the water network.

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