Alleged Dixie Boys Gang Leader Ryan Swartz Shot Dead in Bonteheuwel

Alleged Dixie Boys Gang Leader Ryan Swartz Shot Dead in Bonteheuwel

Ryan “Swaggy” Swartz, the alleged leader of the Dixie Boys gang, was fatally shot in his home in Bonteheuwel.

The assailants, who are reportedly affiliated with the Hard Livings gang, entered Swartz’s property on Yellowwood Street on Saturday morning and opened fire. The 38-year-old Swartz was struck in the upper body and right shoulder, and he was pronounced dead at the scene at 11 a.m.

Following the incident, Bonteheuwel Ward Councillor Angus McKenzie convened a meeting with law enforcement agencies to prepare for a potential escalation in gang violence.

“The victim, a 38-year-old alleged gang leader, sustained a bullet to the right shoulder. This shooting will reignite the rivalry between the Hard Livings and Dixie Boys,” McKenzie stated.

McKenzie emphasized the need for increased patrols in the area and urged law enforcement to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to apprehend those responsible.

“I have met with law enforcement agencies and briefed them on the need to step up patrols in the area and ensure that no stone is left unturned in arresting the culprits,” he said.

McKenzie has called on witnesses to come forward with any information that could assist in the investigation. He noted that this was the first gang-related murder in Bonteheuwel in a significant period.

“It appears as if this guy had been targeted because someone went inside his house and then shot him. It is believed that it is a Hard Livings gang member that did so,” he said.

The councillor expressed concern over possible retaliatory violence, which has created a tense atmosphere in the community.

“There is huge fear that this will lead to retaliation shootings so that part of the community is quite tense at the moment.
But I have made it clear to the police because they are evidently responsible for the arrests in gang-related crimes, we need to arrest the suspect.
Our confidential tip-off line remains open, alternatively anyone with information can contact 021 480 7700,” McKenzie added.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Novela Potelwa confirmed that no arrests have been made yet and did not disclose whether additional police forces have been deployed in response to McKenzie’s request.

“Following the incident, a case of murder was opened. Preliminary indications suggest that the shooting is gang-related and SAPS investigators are pursuing several leads.
Police in the Western Cape continue to monitor several crime hotspots including the area where the shooting incident occurred in an effort to ensure safety in the various communities.
Details of police deployments and interventions constitute operational information, hence they cannot be discussed in the public domain.
Members of the community with information about planned criminal acts are advised to share it with police,” Potelwa said.

The community remains on edge as authorities continue their investigation and seek to prevent further violence.

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