A Cape Flats Collaboration Between Grand Master DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT

What Happens When Cape Town’s Hip Hop Royalty Joins Forces?

A Cape Flats Collaboration Between Grand Master DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT

In the vibrant city of Cape Town, a collaboration between two of its most revered hip hop figures, Grand Master DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT, has set the stage for what can only be described as a monumental event in the music industry. This partnership was brought into the spotlight through the launch of their eagerly awaited music video ‘Back Like I Never Left’, courtesy of the renowned sport and streetwear brand, Reebok. This event not only captivated their fans and followers but also marked a significant moment in the celebration of South African hip hop culture.

The music video, now accessible on YouTube, serves as a tribute to the core and spirit of South African hip hop, capturing its essence through both visual and auditory elements.

“Whenever YoungstaCPT and I team up to make music, we strive to pay homage to the rich history and vibrant spirit of hip-hop culture. When I produced Back Like I Never Left, I ensured this spirit permeated every element of the track was paramount,”

said Grandmaster Ready D, emphasizing the dedication and respect they have for the genre.

The selection of Reebok as the brand to accompany the video highlights the deep connection between hip hop culture and the brand itself. Ready D explained that Reebok’s commitment to celebrating the legacy of hip hop resonated strongly with them. This mutual respect led to a meticulous integration of hip hop’s essential elements into the music video, ensuring that it would appeal to audiences both audibly and visually.

“Reebok’s desire to celebrate this legacy deeply resonated with us. To honour it, we meticulously integrated all the essential ingredients of hip hop culture into the production. Furthermore, we crafted the song to shine in both audio and visual formats.

He further elaborated on the dynamic nature of the video, showcasing the rich tapestry of hip hop culture, from YoungstaCPT’s compelling lyrics to Ready D’s mastery on the turntables, and not forgetting the inclusion of classic elements such as Breaking and Graff Art.

Filmed in various iconic locations around Cape Town, the video offers a nostalgic journey through the city’s hip hop landscape. From the rehearsal spaces of POC located opposite Ready D’s childhood home in Mitchells Plain to YoungstaCPT’s creative sanctuary, On The Blocc in Wynberg, each scene is a testament to their roots and the places that have shaped their musical journeys.

This collaboration between Grand Master DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT, facilitated by Reebok, is more than just a musical venture; it’s a celebration of hip hop culture in South Africa, honoring its history while propelling its essence into the future.

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