Who is Andrew Tate? The kickboxer and social media influencer.

Former kickboxer, the current influencer has skyrocketed due to TikTok. However, she is embroiled in controversy for sexism and rape allegations.

Andrew Tate is his name. Andrew Tate is an entrepreneur and former champion kickboxer. He currently runs an online course on “modern wealth creation” at “Hustler’s University.”

His cartoonishly misogynistic views like “women cannot drive,” “men are able to cheat but women can’t,” and “18-19-year-old women are more attractive that 25-year-olds because they’ve experienced less dick.” His fans call him the “King Of Toxic Masculinity.” Tate is a self-help guru who offers advice to young men about how to talk to women and make money.

Andrew Tate Early Years

Tate, a former kickboxer, is the son of a champion chess player. Tate was most well-known for being kicked out of the U.K. franchise Big Brother 2016 after video of him beating a woman with a belt went viral. Tate maintained that the encounter was consensual.

A woman who was seen in the video posted a second video, where she said the incident was consensual. Tate and Tristan, his brother, moved to Romania to run an adult-cam-performer company. They have admitted that they encouraged models to tell fictional stories to make money.

Former world champion kickboxer, 35-year-old Big Brother star in 2016, has been a rising force within reactionary antifeminist circles. This is due in no small part the launch of Hustler’s University, a paid subscription service that offers training on “male to female interactions” and Hustler’s University.

Social Media Influencer Kingpin

His Instagram account @cobratate has 3.5 million followers. TikTok fan accounts have posted videos of Tate and have received countless views. You can also see clips of Tate’s appearances on podcasts and programs that have racked up millions of views.

There have been calls to deplatform Tate on Instagram and TikTok due to his growing popularity. Many argue that his message of toxic masculinity is a danger to legions of young men.

Rolling Stone discovered that Tate’s For You page filled up almost immediately after he created a TikTok account and liked a few Tate videos. This suggests that Tate fans could be easily red-pilled online. It’s unlikely that Tate’s influence on social media will diminish, even if he is deplatformed. We know from the past years that there will always be a place for a deeply average man who has a podcast microphone.

A search for “how to be man” online yields nearly 130 million hits, and more than 12 million videos. Many of these sites promise “big secrets” or hacks to help you reach the pinnacle. Andrew Tate will be unavoidable if you spend enough time reading this content.

Tate, who was the most Googled public figure of 2022, was removed from several platforms in August because he was accused of promoting extreme misogynistic views. Tate is also accused in the forefront of radicalizing young men and endorsing male dominancy. Parents and educators are concerned about Tate’s influence on young men regarding masculinity.

Andrew Tate Arrested

Andrew Tate was arrested for alleged human trafficking, sexual assault and formation of an organized crime group.

After a raid on Thursday, Tate, 36 (handcuffed), rose to fame for his sexist views and misogynistic views. Tristan, his younger brother, was also taken into custody. Two more suspects were also taken into custody. All four were held in Bucharest for 24 hours.

In April, police also interrogated the siblings. They reportedly discovered two girls who claimed that they were being held against will. While the investigation was ongoing, the brothers were released but they were again detained on Thursday as part of an investigation into human trafficking and rape.

Romanian prosecutors stated that the Tate brothers and two other people “appear” to have established an organised crime group for the purpose of exploiting, housing, and recruiting women to create pornographic content. They would have been able to make significant sums of cash.”

Andrew Tate: How did he make his money?

Andrew Tate earned his fortune by starting successful businesses such as his Romanian casino empire, OnlyFans management company, online businesses like The Real World, and The War Room. Andrew claims that his businesses make more than $10,000,000 per month in profits, which is more than enough for him to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Andrew Tate lives today in a $30 Million Dollar Mansion in Bucharest.

He also owns 28 super-cars, including a Bugatti Chiron. He flies around the globe in his private plane worth $20 million and spends upwards $10,000 on dinner at some of the best restaurants in Dubai.

Andrew Tate converts Islam

Andrew Tate, a self-described ‘success coach,’ made the announcement via one of his remaining social media accounts, Gettr.

This is the reason I am Muslim. Converting is for any Christian who believes in goodness and understands the true struggle against evil. Be patient. The promise of Allah is TRUE Quran 30.60.

He continued to comment on Tate’s conversion, and then vouched in a long statement. “Brother Andrew has a sincere heart and is committed to Islam. Let me clarify some things. Why did you record us praying? Because it helps to promote positivity,” Tate said, stressing that this is his first time praying.

Although Andrew could have said no, knowing that this would hurt his already controversial social media situation, he chose to do it. It was, by God, a very special visit to the mosque. It was only he and me that wanted it. It was planned days ago but Khan reminded me today to go.” Khan stated.

“I’m glad we did this so people could see his real side, and this was his first visit to the mosque. We went to the mosque on Saturday night to pray, and I talked about the Qur’an, hadiths, the actions of Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon them, and misconceptions about Islam.

He said that the motivation they used was to encourage young children to be religious and pray. We agreed that it should not be broadcast on any podcast, as people could claim it was to influence or gain a fake following. Khan stated that while no one is perfect, he is a person of good intentions and a pure heart.

Khan concluded by asking his followers to let Tate announce the news as he wishes. He pointed out that while changing your lifestyle can take time, accepting the truth and believing it is necessary because tomorrow is never certain, as he said, was not easy.

Local Influence

As a social media behemoth, Andrew Tate, through his many social media platforms have influenced many youngsters who use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to market themselves as ‘influencers’.

The negative repercussions of this trend will be seen in the next generation when skilled labor and critical skills are outsourced to other countries as our current employment pool have rather opted to make it ‘big’ for easy money on social media and not via studies.

The Capeflats alone is suffering from severe unemployment among the ages of 18-25. This lack of work ultimately leads to hopelessness and depression, where young adults look for an outlet for a desire to make something of themselves, which may be positive or negative. Negative being to gangsterism and crime.

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