What is Liverpool vs Manchester United head-to-head record?

liverpool vs united head to head

The debate over the Premier League’s most intense rivalry often leads to a variety of opinions, but a common consensus among many neutral observers points to the clash between Liverpool and Manchester United as the pinnacle of English football rivalries.

Recent Dominance in the Rivalry

In the recent phase of this historic rivalry, Liverpool has emerged as the dominant force. Their record in the last 10 English Premier League (EPL) encounters with Manchester United is impressive, boasting six victories, three draws, and suffering only one defeat. This period includes emphatic wins of 4-0, 5-0, and 7-0 since October 2021, underscoring Liverpool’s recent superiority in this matchup.

League Titles and European Success

Historically, Manchester United holds the edge in terms of overall league championships, with 20 league titles to Liverpool’s 19. However, a closer look at the Premier League era, which began in 1992, reveals a more pronounced disparity. In this period, Manchester United has secured 13 titles, a significant 12 more than Liverpool.

When the conversation shifts to European achievements, Liverpool takes the upper hand. They have lifted the Champions League trophy, previously known as the European Cup, six times. In contrast, Manchester United has achieved this feat on three occasions.

Head-to-Head in the Premier League Era

As both teams gear up for their upcoming Premier League clash, their overall head-to-head record in the league since 1992 is a point of interest. In 62 Premier League meetings, Manchester United has won 29 times, while Liverpool has claimed 19 victories, and the teams have drawn 14 times.

Goal Scoring in the Rivalry: A Closer Look

Despite Liverpool’s fewer wins in these encounters, they have outscored Manchester United. The aggregate score from their first 62 Premier League matches stands at 84-81 in favor of Liverpool, a testament to the competitive and high-scoring nature of this rivalry.

This enduring rivalry, marked by moments of dominance, shifts in power, and memorable matches, continues to be a highlight of the Premier League, captivating fans around the world. As the teams prepare for their next encounter, the anticipation and excitement among fans and neutrals alike are palpable, with each side eager to write the next chapter in this storied rivalry.

Liverpool Vs Manchester United: EPL Head To Head Stats

Liverpool Man United
62 Games 62
19 Wins 29
14 Draws 14
29 Losses 19
84 Goals Scored 81
18 Clean Sheets 18
94 Yellow Cards 121
7 Red Cards 10
7 Penalties Won 5
5 Penalties Scored 3

The Premier League head-to-head record between Liverpool and Manchester United ahead of their 63rd meeting in the competition on December 17, 2023.

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