Urgent Appeal for Identification Following Discovery Near Zeekoevlei

Will more discoveries be found around the Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve?

Urgent Appeal for Identification Following Discovery Near Zeekoevlei

The Grassy Park police department is calling on the public to assist in identifying a woman whose body was discovered near the Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve this past Monday.

A member of the public, while passing by Fisherman’s Walk, made the grim find, noticing the woman, attired in black leather, lying face down in the sand. This discovery prompted immediate police involvement.

Captain Wynita Kleinsmith, speaking on behalf of the police, detailed the scene that greeted officers upon their arrival at approximately 5:30 p.m. “On arrival, it was found that the woman was lying on her stomach and her top partially lifted. Closer inspection of the body revealed that there were no visible injuries, so an immediate cause of death could not be determined.”

Despite thorough investigation at the scene, authorities have yet to uncover any leads that might shed light on the circumstances leading to the woman’s demise. However, they have ruled out assault as a contributing factor.

“At this stage, there are many unanswered questions, but a post-mortem will be conducted to confirm the exact cause of death. We do not want to speculate on whether or not the woman was dumped there but we can confirm that there is no indications that she may have been raped,”

stated Kleinsmith.

The deceased was dressed in black leather pants and a leather shirt, beneath which she wore a white fleece top paired with black and white sneakers. She sported dreadlocks and is estimated to be around 30 years of age.

Efforts to match the woman with missing persons reports within the Grassy Park precinct have so far been unsuccessful. The police are extending their investigation to neighboring precincts in hopes of finding a match.

Kleinsmith’s call to the public is clear:

“We are asking anyone who knows who this woman is or what happened to come forward. We will be investigating if maybe the other precincts are looking for a person with this profile.”

This incident adds to a series of concerning discoveries in and around the Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve. Nearly two years prior, police expressed alarm over several bodies found in the area, including the buried remains of Ashraf Galant, 40, and, later, an unidentified male and female found in a shocking state. The body of Aldino Williams, 20, was identified through DNA testing after being discovered in October of the same year, marking a distressing pattern of events linked to the area.

The police are urging anyone with information about the unidentified woman to contact Sergeant Kleynhans at 071 880 3930, in a bid to bring closure to this case and possibly connect it to broader investigations surrounding the nature reserve’s grim history.

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