Spotlight on South Africa’s Leading Salaries

Who are South Africa’s Top Earners According to the Latest Report?

Spotlight on South Africa's Leading Salaries

The latest exploration into the job market reveals a comprehensive analysis, pinpointing the top salary earners across South Africa at present. Salaries for these coveted positions span from R37,500 to an impressive R125,000 monthly.

The examination delves deep into the currents of the online job landscape within the nation, mapping out the demand and availability across various job sectors.

This insight stems from an extensive review of job listings from 5,000 of South Africa’s prominent recruiters, agencies, and employers, all of which utilize the job abd career portals for advertising vacancies.

The most recent findings disclose a noticeable downturn in hiring trends. A comparison with the previous year highlights a 13% reduction in recruitment as of September 2023, with a further 12% drop observed when juxtaposed against July 2023 figures.

The analysis identifies a significant decrease in recruitment within the Admin, Office & Support sector as the catalyst for this slump.

However, it’s not all gloomy; certain sectors continue to thrive amidst this hiring freeze. The report singles out the Building & Construction domain, which has seen a robust 22% surge in demand, year over year.

High-Earning Professions in Focus

In its report, the 20 professions commanding the highest monthly earnings, calculated on a Cost to Company basis. The spotlight shines on sectors such as Business & Management, Information Technology, and Architecture & Engineering for their lucrative pay scales.

At the pinnacle of this hierarchy stands the role of Executive Management or Director, boasting a monthly remuneration bracket of R91,667 to R125,000.

Close on its heels is the Technical or Business Architect role, occupying the second rung with salaries between R65,000 and R90,000. The third position is held by Consultant Engineers, with earnings ranging from R43,204 to R70,833 monthly.

Completing the top five are Mechanical Engineers, with salary ranges of R33,333 to R66,667, and Civil or Structural Engineers in fifth, pulling in between R41,667 and R65,833.

Through this meticulous report, it only sheds light on the present state of South Africa’s job market but also offers valuable insights for job seekers aiming for high-paying positions, underscoring the sectors that continue to offer substantial remuneration despite the overall hiring slowdown.

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