Ramaphosa Says DA’s Election Advert Depicting Burning National Flag Treasonous

GPT Is the DA’s Flag-Burning Advertisement a Treasonous Act or a Legitimate Political Statement?

Ramaphosa Says DA’s Election Advert Depicting Burning National Flag Treasonous

President Cyril Ramaphosa has sharply criticized the Democratic Alliance (DA) for its controversial election advertisement featuring the burning of South Africa’s national flag, describing it as a treasonous act.

The DA released the advert on Sunday, depicting a burning national flag to symbolize the nation’s current state of decline while calling for support in the upcoming elections to prevent further deterioration. Public opinion on the advert has been mixed, with strong reactions on both sides.

Addressing the media on Tuesday during the opening of an expanded Home Affairs office in Mokopane, Limpopo, Ramaphosa labeled the DA’s advert “treasonous,” highlighting the national flag as a powerful symbol of unity for the country. In his words:

“The burning of the national flag in a political advertisement is treasonous. Our country’s flag is a sacred symbol in our national life. It is despicable for a political party to destroy a symbol of our unity and existence as a nation.”

Emphasizing the flag’s symbolic significance, he added that its destruction in a political campaign was a deeply offensive act, especially as the nation heads into elections. He said, “It signals a willingness to destroy the very fabric of South Africa.”

Ramaphosa elaborated that the flag represents the unity and sacrifices that built South Africa, noting:

“It’s about us. They are destroying the unity and identity that we have.”

Sports Minister Zizi Kodwa also criticized the advert, underscoring the significance of the flag in national unity. He expressed his dismay, stating:

“This action by the Democratic Alliance offends the gains South Africa has made as a free and non-racial democracy and the blood, tears, and sacrifices it took for the country to gain this freedom. It offends all South Africans who proudly raise our country’s flag sky-high and appreciate its representation as the flag of a free, democratic, and non-racial nation.”

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) joined the chorus of disapproval, calling the advert cowardly and disrespectful. They highlighted its impact on national pride, stating:

“This act not only insults our national symbol but also undermines our unity and national pride.”

The advert has also sparked a wave of criticism on social media, where many citizens have denounced the DA’s message as disrespectful and harmful to the country’s image.

Despite the backlash, the DA stood by its advertisement, arguing that it aims to highlight the ongoing destruction of South Africa.

Ramaphosa reaffirmed his condemnation, stating that such political actions, particularly from a party seeking votes, threaten to destroy South Africa’s unity.

“It is the most despicable political act that anyone can embark upon, especially when they are campaigning for votes because you are voting for a political party that wants to destroy South Africa, the symbol that unites all of us,”

he said.

Ramaphosa concluded by emphasizing the significance of the flag for the nation’s identity, reiterating that it was unacceptable for any political party to burn it.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

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