President Ruto Faces Backlash as Deadly Riots Erupt Over Controversial Tax Bill

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President Ruto Faces Backlash as Deadly Riots Erupt Over Controversial Tax Bill Protesters

At least eight people were shot and killed in Kenya on Tuesday as riot police clashed with anti-tax protesters in Nairobi, according to local media reports. The unrest erupted in response to the government’s controversial finance bill, which has sparked widespread public anger.

Local news outlet KTN News published videos showing officers firing gunshots to disperse a crowd attempting to storm the National Assembly. The lawmakers inside were in the process of passing a finance bill that introduced several contentious taxes.

Reuters also reported that its correspondent counted at least five bodies outside the parliament after police opened fire. Prior to the shooting, tear gas and water cannons had been deployed but failed to quell the demonstrators.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission has condemned the police’s use of lethal force. In a statement on X (formerly Twitter), the NGO said it witnessed the police shooting four people, resulting in one death.

“We strongly condemn the police killing. Such actions are unacceptable and constitute a grave violation of human rights. Justice and accountability are imperative. We will vigorously push for police accountability,”

the NGO declared.

Multiple reports indicate that the protesters overwhelmed the police presence and breached the legislature, setting a section of it on fire. A police vehicle was also torched, as reported by local daily The Star.

A protestor identified as Davis Tafari expressed the demonstrators’ determination to Reuters.

“We want to shut down parliament and every MP should go down and resign. We will have a new government,”

Tafari stated.

The protests, predominantly led by young people, began last week in reaction to the government’s 2024 Finance Bill. The bill aims to generate an additional $2.7 billion in taxes to reduce Kenya’s budget deficit.

President Ruto Faces Backlash as Deadly Riots Erupt Over Controversial Tax Bill

Protesters have been urging MPs to retract the proposed tax hikes, which include an annual 2.5% tax on car ownership and a 16% tax on bread. The bread tax was subsequently removed from the legislation following public backlash.

Despite the public outcry, lawmakers approved the Finance Bill on Tuesday with 195 votes in favor and 106 against. The legislation now awaits the signature of President William Ruto. In light of the protests, which have already resulted in at least two deaths, Ruto has promised to hold talks to address the youth’s concerns.

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