Pitso Mosimane's Tenure as Al-Ahli Coach

Pitso Mosimane, a South African football coach, has made a significant impact on the global football stage, particularly during his tenure as the head coach of Al-Ahli, a prominent Saudi Arabian football club. Mosimane’s time at Al-Ahli has been marked by a series of successes, strategic innovations, and a unique coaching style that has left an indelible mark on the club and its players.

Early Days at Al-Ahli

Mosimane joined Al-Ahli in October 2020, following a successful stint at Mamelodi Sundowns, a top-tier South African club. His appointment was met with high expectations, given his impressive track record and reputation as a coach who prioritizes tactical discipline and player development. Mosimane quickly set about implementing his philosophy at Al-Ahli, focusing on building a strong defensive unit while also encouraging attacking football.

Pitso Mosimane’s Tenure as Al-Ahli Coach

Pitso Mosimane, one of Africa’s most celebrated football coaches, has been making waves since his tenure as the head coach of Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahli. The South African coach was announced as the new head coach of Al-Ahli in September 2022, following the departure of Uruguay’s Robert Siboldi just five games into the new season.

Before joining Al-Ahli, Mosimane had a stellar career coaching various football clubs, including SuperSport United and Sundowns in South Africa, and Al Ahly in Egypt. He boasts an outstanding record with 21 trophies to his name, including three CAF Champions League titles and five domestic league championships. His success has made him a highly regarded figure in north African and Middle Eastern football circles. He is also the first South African coach to graduate with a CAF Pro Licence, a testament to his skills and experience.

During his tenure at Al-Ahli, Mosimane was tasked with getting the club back into Saudi Arabia’s top flight following their relegation the previous season. And it seems he has done just that. Al-Ahli became the 2022-23 champions of the Saudi Arabian First Division with a game to spare, which is Mosimane’s first-ever title outside of the African continent.

Following Al-Ahli’s victory in the First Division, Mosimane’s comments on social media hinted at a potential departure from the club. He mentioned in a tweet about being “waiting for the next project” after delivering on his mandate of promoting the team to the Premier League and winning the Championship. This comment, coupled with recent media reports, suggests that Mosimane might be leaving Al Ahli. However, no official confirmation has been provided by either Mosimane or the club at the time of writing this article6.

Throughout his career, Mosimane has been known for his unshakeable confidence and his ability to succeed in every coaching role he has taken on. His achievements at Al Ahli have not only added to his impressive career but have also made him a trailblazer among South African coaches. Regardless of whether he decides to stay at Al Ahli or move on to a new challenge, one thing is for sure: the football world will be watching Mosimane’s next move closely.

Achievements and Successes

Under Mosimane’s leadership, Al-Ahli has enjoyed a period of sustained success. His first season in charge saw the club clinch the Saudi Professional League title, a testament to his tactical acumen and the team’s hard work. This victory marked Al-Ahli’s first league title in several years and was a clear indication of Mosimane’s positive influence on the team.

In addition to domestic success, Mosimane also led Al-Ahli to impressive performances in international competitions. The club reached the semi-finals of the AFC Champions League, demonstrating their ability to compete with the best teams in Asia.

Coaching Style and Philosophy

Mosimane’s coaching style is characterized by a focus on tactical discipline, player development, and a strong team ethic. He is known for his meticulous preparation for matches, often studying opponents in great detail to identify potential weaknesses to exploit. His emphasis on player development has also been evident at Al-Ahli, with several young players breaking into the first team and making significant contributions.

Challenges and Criticisms

Despite his successes, Mosimane’s tenure at Al-Ahli has not been without challenges. He has faced criticism from some quarters for his defensive style of play, with critics arguing that it can lead to a lack of creativity in attack. However, Mosimane has consistently defended his approach, arguing that a solid defensive foundation is crucial to achieving success in football.


Pitso Mosimane’s time as Al-Ahli coach has been marked by significant successes, both domestically and internationally. His tactical acumen, focus on player development, and emphasis on team ethic have transformed Al-Ahli into a formidable force in Saudi Arabian and Asian football. Despite facing some criticism, Mosimane’s impact on Al-Ahli is undeniable, and his legacy at the club will undoubtedly continue to influence its trajectory in the years to come.

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