Pearl Thusi and Nadia Jafta Goes Viral

Pearl Thusi anbd Nadia Jafta Faces Criticism on Social Media Yet Again

Pearl Thusi and Nadia Jafta Goes Viral

Actress and DJ Pearl Thusi often finds herself at the center of social media controversies. Whether it’s criticism of her skin tone, career decisions, or friendships, she frequently becomes a topic of online discussion.

Recently, a video featuring the Queen Sono star and media personality Nadia Jaftha went viral. The clip, shared on X by @Ke_Arturo, showcases the two celebrities preparing for a night out and enjoying their day together.

“Pearl Thusi’s GRWM her long hot friend Nadia Jaftha.”

Mixed Reactions from Social Media Users

The video sparked a variety of responses from social media users. While some praised the duo for having a good time, others criticized Pearl for appearing naked on camera, accusing her of seeking attention.

Pearl Thusi’s New Hairstyle Draws Varied Opinions

In other entertainment news, Briefly News reported that Pearl Thusi recently unveiled a new hairstyle to her followers. The actress-turned-DJ proudly displayed her new look but expressed some dissatisfaction with the noise from her beads.

Pearl Thusi’s stunning hair was braided into Fulani braids, adorned with multiple wooden beads at the ends to enhance the style. Despite the intricate design, the Queen Sono actress seems to have mixed feelings about her hairstyle choice.

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