Patricia De Lille and the GOOD Party’s Election Manifesto Launch in Rivonia

Is Patricia De Lille and the GOOD Party Still Relevant to South Africa’s Political Landscape?

Patricia De Lille, the Minister of Tourism and head of the GOOD Party, is gearing up for a significant event in Rivonia, Johannesburg, where today, her party will unveil its strategy for the upcoming elections. This marks a pivotal moment for the GOOD Party as it seeks to build upon its initial success in the 2019 elections, where it earned two seats in the National Assembly. With strong backing from the Western Cape, the party is now looking to broaden its influence across South Africa, as noted by SABC News.

“I have been deeply encouraged by the response and the support that this message of GOOD has prompted in our country. As I said, I want good South Africans, men and women, young and experienced of races to step forward to lead our country.” De Lille said.

Central to the GOOD Party’s vision are the ideals of open governance and responsibility, with a firm commitment to tackling corruption head-on.

“The money is not being spent well. Corruption steals from poor people. That money we can use for the basic income grant,” says De Lille.

In a recent announcement, the party confirmed De Lille, affectionately known as “Aunty Pat,” as its premier candidate for the Western Cape. De Lille’s campaign offers voters a seasoned and reliable choice, highlighting her dedication to alleviating the hardships faced by the province’s residents.

“With De Lille, voters can rest assured that she will not stop fighting until the work is done. Aunty Pat is the kind of leader that voters deserve to have in their corner. Her fight for a fairer South Africa started long before 1994 and it will continue long after 2024,” the party said.

De Lille’s candidacy is bolstered by her extensive political experience, making her the sole premier candidate to have served at municipal, provincial, and national government levels. Her leadership is seen as a key asset by the GOOD Party, which believes in her ability to quickly translate plans into action.

Furthermore, De Lille’s role in the political landscape is unique; she is the only female to lead a party with representation in government and the only woman to have founded two political parties that have secured seats across all levels of government.

This election manifesto event in Rivonia is more than just a formality; it’s a showcase of the GOOD Party’s commitment to ethical leadership and social justice, spearheaded by a leader with a proven track record of dedication to the South African people.

De Lille Political History

The table below outlines Patricia De Lille’s political journey, highlighting the key dates and the political parties she has been involved with throughout her career:

Event Description
Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) In 1989, De Lille began her political career with the PAC, a liberation movement aimed at the Africanist agenda in South Africa.
Elected to Parliament Representing the PAC, De Lille was elected to South Africa’s first democratic Parliament in 1994.
Independent Democrats (ID) In 2003, De Lille founded the Independent Democrats, a political party focusing on social justice and economic development.
Merger with the Democratic Alliance (DA) The ID merged with the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s main opposition party, in 2010 in a strategic move to consolidate opposition forces. De Lille became a prominent member of the DA.
GOOD Party After her resignation from the DA amid controversies, De Lille launched the GOOD Party in 2018, focusing on good governance, anti-corruption, and social equality.
Elected to Parliament with GOOD Party Under De Lille’s leadership, the GOOD Party secured two seats in the National Assembly in the 2019 general elections.
Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure De Lille has been serving as the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, appointed while leading the GOOD Party, since 2021.

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