Old Mutual Faces Public Scrutiny Over Alleged Court Order Defiance

GPT What’s Happening with Old Mutual’s Alleged Non-compliance?

Old Mutual Faces Public Scrutiny Over Alleged Court Order Defiance

Old Mutual, a well-known insurance and financial services company, has found itself at the center of a public relations predicament following a social media post by Sebabatso Molefi that ignited widespread indignation. The issue at hand is the company’s alleged failure to comply with a court order.

A Viral Complaint Sparks a Broad Reaction

On March 5th, Molefi took to social media platform X to express her frustration, stating,

“Dear @OldMutualSA please advise why you are refusing to release my mother’s money even though a court order has been provided. You are in contempt of court and I am about to lose my cool right now.”

This post rapidly caught the attention of the public, being reshared 2,800 times and attracting over 1.3 million views. Molefi’s outcry suggests that Old Mutual had been giving her mother a hard time regarding the payout of her pension.

The widespread sharing of this post triggered a flurry of complaints from other X users against Old Mutual, claiming their claims were also unfairly dismissed for what they deemed insignificant reasons.

Old Mutual’s Response and Subsequent Backlash

In response, Old Mutual acknowledged the complaint, stating they were looking into the matter with a projected response time of three business days. Molefi, unsatisfied with their response, criticized the company further on X, sharing,

“their response is even more disgusting. The people they are saying will investigate and provide feedback were already in copy of all communication and I have sent them screenshots. Now we must wait another 3 days, not even for the money but for their feedback.”

Following extensive email exchanges that Molefi posted on her X account, Old Mutual eventually announced they were handling the matter, citing it as a sensitive issue concerning the financial affairs of two individuals. The company expressed a preference for resolving the matter privately and scheduled a meeting with Molefi, involving several key figures from Old Mutual.

The Community’s Engagement

The online discourse about this issue became quite significant, with Molefi encouraging other users to share their experiences with Old Mutual. Many complied, recounting instances where their claims were purportedly declined under dubious circumstances, particularly during emotionally challenging times such as the loss of a loved one.

Old Mutual’s Official Stance

In light of the uproar, Old Mutual conveyed to The Citizen its commitment to resolving the issue, extending an apology for its initial handling of the situation. The company explained its cautious approach to public engagement on X was due to the complex nature of the case and its commitment to safeguarding the personal information of those involved. Furthermore, Old Mutual highlighted its efforts to ensure compliance with both the court order and relevant pension funds and tax laws. A meeting with Molefi’s family was scheduled for March 12th, signaling the company’s intention to find a mutually acceptable solution.

This situation underscores the power of social media in amplifying consumer grievances and the importance of transparency and responsiveness from corporations in addressing public concerns. The forthcoming meeting between Old Mutual and Molefi’s family will be closely watched by many, serving as a potentially pivotal moment in the company’s efforts to mend its public image.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

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