Non-Profit Foundation Mustadafin Vehicle Hijacked in Nyanga

Nyanga, South Africa – In a distressing incident, a driver from the non-profit organization, the Mustadafin Foundation, narrowly escaped unharmed after heartless assailants hijacked one of their vehicles at gunpoint on Govan Mbeki Road, Nyanga. The incident unfolded around 5 pm on Wednesday, near the Caltex garage, where armed men seized a Toyota Hilux adorned with the slogan “Feed a Belly, Feed a Mind.”

Ghairunisa Johnstone-Cassiem, the Director of the Mustadafin Foundation, shared details of the harrowing encounter. The driver had been returning from Delft, where he had just completed a food delivery when he fell victim to the hijackers. Johnstone-Cassiem stated, “They threatened him with a gun and cocked the gun; he is quite traumatized and has been deterred from work.”

Remarkably, two compassionate women from the vicinity rushed to the driver’s aid and promptly reported the incident to the foundation.

Ghairunisa expressed her astonishment at the audacity of the criminals, who seemed oblivious to the fact that the vehicle they targeted prominently displayed the foundation’s branding. She emphasized, “We have worked in the area for the last 36 years. The mere fact that they have no respect for people, the work, and the community already says who we are involved with.”

Several hours later, the stolen vehicle was discovered in the Marikana Informal Settlement in Philippi, albeit stripped of its contents.

Ghairunisa lamented the situation, saying, “It’s sad because now they stripped the bakkie. It is one vehicle off the road that works very hard.”

Sergeant Wesley Twigg, a police spokesperson, confirmed that Nyanga SAPS is actively investigating the case as a carjacking. He added, “The circumstances surrounding the incident are under investigation. The suspects are yet to be arrested.”

The Mustadafin Foundation has unfortunately experienced other criminal incidents, including two separate robberies and acts of vandalism at their learning center in Lost City in 2023.

Ghairunisa reiterated the foundation’s unwavering commitment to serving the community while condemning the actions of individuals who harm the broader community, stating, “We can’t have individuals doing an injustice to the broader community.”

In this disheartening incident, the resilience of the Mustadafin Foundation shines through, as they continue to stand firm in their mission to aid those in need, despite the challenges they face.

“They threatened him with a gun and cocked the gun; he is quite traumatized and has been deterred from work.” – Ghairunisa Johnstone-Cassiem, Director of Mustadafin Foundation

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