New Clothing Item Discovered in Search for Missing Joshlin Smith

New Clothing Item Discovered in Search for Missing Joshlin Smith

Another piece of clothing has been discovered during the ongoing search for the missing six-year-old Joshlin Smith. The police confirmed the find and stated that forensic experts are examining the items.

Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie, a police spokesperson, said:

“We can confirm that community members found a jersey during a random search of the surroundings.

“Police forensic experts collected the clothing items for forensic analysis. Investigation is ongoing with various specialised units who form part of an integrated investigation team.

“The investigation and search for the missing Joshlin continue.”

Joshlin, who vanished on 19 February from her home in Diazville, Middelpos, has been the focus of an intensive search effort by both the authorities and the community.

On Thursday, activists Reverend June Dolley-Major and Celesthea Pierang initiated a new search in Saldanha Bay. Dolley-Major described the search as highly emotional, noting the deep pain felt by those involved.

“It was quite emotional, we had quite a few people with us searching. We could feel the pain and people were crying,”

she said.

During the search, women discovered clothing hidden beneath large slabs. Dolley-Major recounted the moment they found the items:

“We put gloves on, and there was a man standing near us. We asked them to lift it up, there was a jersey and blanket. The family members said Joshlin had a jersey like that and that the size was hers, 5-6 years.

“The police came within minutes and the forensics also arrived.”

Among the discovered items was also a woman’s jersey with apparent blood stains.

Lauretta Yon, Joshlin’s paternal grandmother, expressed hope that the find would lead to a breakthrough in the case.

“I wasn’t part of the search because I had to work but I hope that the police discover something that will lead to us finding Joshlin,”

she said.

Joshlin disappeared while under the care of her mother’s boyfriend, Jacquen Appollis. Following her disappearance, her mother Racquel Kelly Smith, Appollis, and friends Steveno van Rhyn and Lourentia Lombaard were arrested. They are currently facing charges of human trafficking and kidnapping.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in Vredenburg Magistrates Court in July.

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