MJC Withdraws Halaal Certification from Clover

Will the MJC Withdraw Certification from Other Zionist-Linked Products?

MJC Withdraws Halaal Certification from Clover

The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) has announced that it will no longer provide halaal certification to Clover products due to the company’s affiliations with Israel. This decision marks a significant shift in the relationship between the two entities.

In a recent statement, the MJCHT clarified the timeline and rationale for their decision:

“As of 1st January 2024, the MJC Halaal Trust no longer certifies Clover, a Milco company, led by the Central Bottling Company of Israel, as halaal.”

The process of phasing out existing certified Clover products has begun, with completion anticipated by August.

Moulana Zakariyah Philander, Chief Operations Officer for the MJCHT, elaborated on the timeline of their decision-making process:

“Since last year, we, the MJC Halaal Trust, made a policy decision and we had to decide where we stand on this BDS, Boycott Divestment and Sanctions,”

Philander said. He noted that the phasing out began with the renewal processes at the year’s end.

The decision comes amidst the backdrop of escalating violence in the region, which has seen substantial casualties among Palestinian men, women, and children since October of the previous year. These events have intensified global pleas for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza.

Philander further commented on the motivations behind their decision after discussions with Clover executives:

“This move is obviously part of our bigger concern about what is currently happening in Israel and Gaza, and it is our contribution to say that we would like to see peace in that part of the world.”

Responses from other stakeholders are pending. Clover’s Corporate Image has not yet responded to inquiries regarding this development, likely due to the timing of the query during a public holiday. Comments from the South African Zionist Federation are also anticipated.

This decision by the MJCHT reflects its stance on global issues affecting the Muslim community and its commitment to ethical considerations in its certification processes. The impact of this move on Clover’s operations and its market in predominantly Muslim regions remains to be seen, as the situation continues to develop.

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Written by Layla Hadid

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