Minenhle Dlamini Reflects on a Challenging Year Amid Divorce Finalisation

Is Minnie Dlamini is single again?

Minnie Dlamini

South African actress and model Minenhle Dlamini, affectionately known as Minnie, has officially concluded her divorce proceedings with Quinton Jones, a prominent businessman. The couple, who tied the knot in 2017, have parted ways, marking a significant chapter in both their lives.

Emotional Reckoning for Minnie Dlamini

In a moment of vulnerability, Minnie Dlamini shared with her followers the emotional toll this year has taken on her. Via her Instagram Stories on a recent Sunday, Dlamini conveyed her state of exhaustion yet expressed gratitude for overcoming the adversities of the past year.

“I’m exhausted. This year has genuinely taken everything of me to just get by and to look back and realise that I did more than just get by makes me feel so great!” she noted.

Despite the hardships, she acknowledges her strength and resilience, albeit admitting,

“I need a serious cry because wow, survival mode is rough! I feel thankful but also so battered and bruised. Today was really difficult,” complemented by symbols of tears.

Dlamini kept the specifics of her struggles private, yet it’s known she’s navigated considerable challenges this year.

Unintended Controversy and Personal Growth

An offhand remark about her former partner, football star Itumeleng ‘Itu’ Khune, with whom she was in a relationship from 2011 to 2014, thrust Minnie into the spotlight unexpectedly. During her hosting of ‘Curated by Tanqueray’, she expressed surprise upon learning that Khune was still active in his football career. This comment quickly spiraled, leading to public criticism, with some labeling her as “bitter” and “jealous” given her recent divorce, contrasted with Khune’s ongoing relationship.

Minnie and Quinton Jones publicized their divorce in February 2022, a development that was as much a personal milestone as it was fodder for public discourse. Despite the backlash, Minnie maintained her comment was made in jest, stating it was “not that deep”.

The narrative of their relationship, encapsulated in the television series “Becoming Mrs Jones” on Showmax, had captured the hearts of many. The announcement of their separation, despite sharing a son, Nethu Makhosini Jones, was met with mixed reactions. Minnie, reclaiming her maiden name, celebrated her new beginning with a symbolic Instagram post, a testament to her resilience and self-love.


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Venturing into New Realms

Adding a new dimension to her career, Minnie Dlamini is set to embrace the comedic stage as the focus of an upcoming roast. Announced as the roastee for the Showmax and Laugh Africa Comedy Festival, Minnie views this opportunity as a way to engage with her career and personal life in a humorous light.

“I ended the year with my show Curated on Mzansi Magic, embracing humour about myself and societal happenings. The roast is about having fun and not taking myself too seriously,”

she remarked. This event symbolizes not only a celebration of her achievements but also serves as a platform for Minnie to confront and possibly dispel rumors surrounding her life.

Minnie Dlamini’s journey through the year has been marked by both trials and triumphs. Her openness about her emotional struggles, coupled with her ability to find strength in adversity, offers a glimpse into the resilience that defines her. As she steps into new ventures, her story continues to unfold, reflecting a narrative of growth, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness.

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