Kaizer Chiefs Face Hurdles in Pursuit of Keletso Makgalwa

Is Keletso Makgalwa going to Kaizer Chiefs?

Kaizer Chiefs Face Hurdles in Pursuit of Keletso Makgalwa

Kaizer Chiefs find themselves grappling with uncertainties regarding their pursuit of talented winger Keletso Makgalwa. Recent reports have thrown a curveball into what initially appeared to be a straightforward transfer deal.

Unexpected Developments Unfold

Out of the blue, shocking reports emerged on a Monday, suggesting that Kaizer Chiefs were on the verge of securing the services of Keletso Makgalwa, currently plying his trade at Upington FC. Speculation ran rampant, with claims that the 27-year-old was destined to become a Chiefs player by the week’s end. This development naturally ignited excitement among the Amakhosi faithful, who eagerly anticipated the addition of another attacking option to their roster.

However, this wave of optimism was swiftly dampened by the words of Makgalwa’s agent, who vehemently refuted the notion of his client’s imminent departure. Ntobatsi Masegela, the agent in question, defended the player’s commitment to Upington FC, emphasizing the club’s role in providing Makgalwa with an opportunity when others had been hesitant. Masegela stated, “It would be an injustice for us to move Keletso (Makgalwa) now. We need to appreciate what the club (Upington) has done, to give him an opportunity when no one wanted to give him a chance. He is focusing on helping the club gain promotion and then we will decide at the end of the season what’s on the table,” as reported by

Chiefs’ Ambitious Move

The potential acquisition of Keletso Makgalwa is intriguing for Kaizer Chiefs, given their existing depth in wide positions. The club has already welcomed the likes of Pule Mmodi and Tebogo Potsane to bolster their ranks, competing for spots alongside established talents such as Keagan Dolly, Ashley du Preez, Mduduzi Shabalala, and Christian Saile, among others. For many observers, it is evident that Amakhosi could benefit from bolstering their attacking options, as their strikers have struggled to make the desired impact. However, it remains questionable whether Makgalwa fits this specific mold.

Nevertheless, Makgalwa has been in impressive form, notching up four goals and providing three assists in just ten appearances in the second tier of South African football. In a Kaizer Chiefs side that has grappled with both creating and converting scoring opportunities, the allure of Makgalwa’s skills is understandable. Notably, towards the end of 2023, the Amakhosi welcomed the return of du Preez and Potsane to their squad. Furthermore, the impending comeback of Dolly, expected when the league resumes in mid-February, further complicates the situation.

Should Kaizer Chiefs proceed with the signing of Makgalwa, it raises the possibility that they may need to offload some attacking players, potentially through loan deals, in order to balance their squad and maximize their resources.

In this fluid transfer scenario, the future of Keletso Makgalwa remains uncertain, with Kaizer Chiefs eagerly awaiting a resolution while respecting the principles of fairness and professionalism that guide South African football.

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