Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight Postponed Due to Tyson’s Health Scare

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight Postponed Due to Tyson's Health Scare

For several months, the boxing world has been abuzz with anticipation for the bout between 27-year-old Jake Paul and 57-year-old Mike Tyson. Initially set for July 20 and slated to be streamed on Netflix, the match had drawn widespread attention. Unfortunately, the fight has been postponed as of May 31.

The primary concern leading up to this fight was whether Tyson would receive medical clearance to compete, and it appears that he is currently unable to do so.

Tyson’s team and various reports have stated that his recent health issue was a sudden flare-up, with Tyson reportedly feeling fine before this incident. However, other sources suggest a different story.

As of now, no new date has been set for the fight. On May 31, both Paul and Tyson announced that they would provide a new date the following week, which should be soon.

Updates will be provided once a definitive date is confirmed.

Four days before the official postponement, Tyson experienced a medical emergency on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. According to the New York Post, Tyson’s representatives reported that he became nauseous and dizzy due to an ulcer flare-up about thirty minutes before the plane landed.

The incident caused a 25-minute delay for passengers as medical professionals attended to Tyson. However, Tyson’s representatives later stated that the former heavyweight champion was “doing great.”

It is believed that this incident led to the fight’s postponement. The fight promoter issued a statement:

“During a follow-up consultation on Thursday with medical professionals on his recent ulcer flare-up, the recommendation is for Mike Tyson to do minimal to light training over the next few weeks and then return to full training with no limitations.”

Given Tyson’s inability to train, he is not in a position to fight Jake Paul. Despite this, Tyson had been training intensively before the postponement. Tyson has reassured fans that he remains in excellent shape, claiming:

“My body is in better overall shape than it has been since the 1990s, and I will be back to my full training schedule soon.”

USA Today’s Josh Peter reported that he interviewed seven gastroenterologists, none of whom are treating Tyson, to understand the health risks involved. These specialists suggested a recovery period of three to six weeks for Tyson to fully treat the ulcer. One doctor noted that an untreated ulcer could require emergency surgery, which is a worst-case scenario for Tyson. Since the fight has already been postponed, it appears that Tyson will receive the necessary treatment.
Possible Causes of the Ulcer

Peter’s report highlights that bacterial infections and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are leading causes of ulcers. Of the seven doctors Peter interviewed, five speculated that Tyson might have been using NSAIDs for pain management due to his rigorous training, which could have led to the ulcer.

Dana White: “No Comment”

During a press conference, Dana White, a close friend of Tyson’s, refrained from commenting on the fight. He said:

“For the first time probably ever in my life, I have no comment on something. That’s Mike’s world, and you know, he gets pissed at me every time I talk about that stuff. Good for him, and they’ll figure it out.”

White had previously been vocal about his belief that Tyson should not fight Jake Paul, and his statement “Good for him” suggests he is relieved that Tyson is prioritising his health.

Jake Paul: Hopes to Knock Tyson Out

In an Instagram video, Jake Paul expressed his disappointment over Tyson’s health issues. Surprisingly respectful, Paul emphasised that Tyson’s health is more important than the fight. He called the news “devastating” but remained confident that the fight would still happen. Paul stated:

“This may have bought you some time, but in the end, you will still be knocked out.”

The postponement of this highly anticipated fight has left fans eagerly awaiting updates on Tyson’s health and the rescheduled date. As both fighters prepare for the eventual match, the boxing community remains hopeful for a future showdown.

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