Iran Foils Attempted Terrorist Seizure of Southeast Military Installations

Terrorist Incursion in Sistan and Baluchestan

Iran Foils Attempted Terrorist Seizure of Southeast Military Installations

In a series of overnight incursions aimed at public locales and the bases of military and law enforcement in Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan, the group known as Jaish al-Adl incurred significant losses, as announced by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). These endeavors to assail the towns of Chabahar and Rask, which included attempts to overtake IRGC headquarters, were met with formidable resistance by Iran’s security apparatus. The conflict resulted in the deaths of 18 assailants, while Iran mourned the loss of 10 of its security personnel.

The IRGC, in a statement released on Thursday, disclosed that the assaults were executed with the backing of “foreign intelligence services,” targeting five civilian areas alongside military and law enforcement installations in the early dawn. The security forces, praised for their strategic acumen, patience, and intelligence, successfully neutralized the threat, ensuring the safety of civilians before engaging the assailants in a decisive confrontation. This operation saw the elimination of all terrorists and armed culprits, thereby reinstating peace and security to the afflicted regions.

“After making sure that the people are away from the danger of the attackers and any harm, the zealous fighters of the Southeast Security Base of the IRGC Ground Forces engaged with them with the participation of the police command forces and during a decisive operation all the terrorists and armed bandits were killed and complete security and peace was restored to the areas,”

the IRGC statement illuminated.

Majid Mirahmadi, Deputy Interior Minister, conversed with the national broadcaster IRIB, asserting the failure of the terrorists to capture the IRGC bases in Chabahar and Rask, highlighting the resilience of Iran’s security defenses.

The Jaish al-Adl group, notorious for its previous attacks on Iranian security forces within the province, operates in a region fraught with conflict, owing to its proximity to Afghanistan and Pakistan. This area is a notorious battleground for clashes between Iranian forces and both Takfiri terrorists and drug traffickers.

The IRGC’s communication on Thursday also connected the dots between the overnight aggression and recent regional developments, notably an Israeli airstrike on Iran’s consular section in Damascus, which resulted in significant casualties. This incident, among others, illustrates the volatile security dynamics within the region, underscoring the ongoing challenges faced by Iran in safeguarding its borders against both terrorist and external state interventions.

“We warn the regional and extra-regional enemies and terrorist groups and armed villains hired by their spy services that the national security and peace of the people in every part of dear Iran is the red line of the defenders of the security of the Islamic homeland and any threatening factor and element in this arena will be decisively dealt with,”

the IRGC concluded, issuing a stern warning to any adversaries contemplating undermining Iran’s national security.

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