ICJ Urged to Act Against Israeli Military Operations in Rafah

The world watches as Rafah is bombed…

ICJ Urged to Act Against Israeli Military Operations in Rafah

Minister Naledi Pandor of International Relations and Co-operation has made it clear that South Africa will not stand by idly amidst the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza due to Israeli military actions.

Following an escalation in military operations by Israel in Rafah, a region currently providing shelter to approximately 1.5 million people, South Africa has taken decisive steps by approaching the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The move aims to solicit the court’s intervention to halt the ongoing violence that has seen a significant toll on human life and well-being.

Earlier, the ICJ had mandated provisional measures for Tel Aviv, intended to cease the fatalities in Gaza. Despite this, Israel recently declared an expansion of its military endeavors in Rafah, triggering South Africa’s urgent plea to the ICJ this past Monday.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, speaking through his spokesperson Vincent Magwenya, emphasized the necessity of the ICJ’s involvement to prevent further violations of Palestinian rights in Gaza. Citing Article 75(1) of the Court’s Rules, which allows the ICJ to proactively address situations necessitating provisional measures, Magwenya voiced grave concern over the dire situation in Rafah and the potential for increased casualties. The conflict, since its commencement in October, has already resulted in over 28,000 deaths and left thousands injured.

The South African government’s request underscores a commitment to uphold the January 26 court order, which sought to mitigate the violence in Gaza. Minister Pandor, in a parliamentary debate on the State of the Nation Address, criticized the official opposition’s silence on the matter and reiterated South Africa’s dedication to championing the rights of Palestinians. She expressed disappointment at the lack of global condemnation against the atrocities perpetrated by Israel in Gaza, highlighting the widespread international support for South Africa’s efforts to bring the issue before the ICJ.

In her address, Pandor underscored the nation’s unwavering resolve to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, affirming that South Africa’s voice against oppression and in support of human rights will not be silenced.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

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