How to check matric results online?

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You have many options to access your Matric results. You can access your Matric results online from anywhere, anytime via your smartphone. Here’s how to check your Matric results online.

  • Visit the Department of Basic Education website (DBE).
  • To view the examination results, click on this button
  • Click here to view the NSC exam results
  • Your examination number will be required.
  • You may need to provide more personal information
  • Use the search button
  • Here are your Matric results

How do I get my Matric results on my phone?

These are the methods you can use to receive your Matric results by phone:

  • SMS
  • USSD


Text your examination number (355658) to 35658 You will be notified once your Matric results become available. Notice: SMS charges are R1.50


Call *120*35658*. It is possible that you will be asked for personal information. Continue the process until your Matric results are received.

Visit the Department of Education website to view their page on matric results.

Please enter your examination number and any other details.

You can search by clicking the search button.

MatricsMate App

Get MatricsMate from Google Play Store and Apple Play Store

Enter your 13-digit ID number or examination number.

The matric results will be available immediately.


To view your matric results, you can visit your High School the day after matric results are published. Matric results will be available starting at 11:00 AM.

What are the 4 types of certificates you can get in Matric?

These are the types of Matric certificates:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Pass
  • Diploma Pass
  • Higher Certificate Pass
  • National Senior Certificate Pass

Bachelor’s Degree Pass

A minimum of:

  • 40% in your native language
  • 50% in 4 Subjects
  • 30% in 2 additional subjects

Diploma Pass

A minimum of:

  • 40% in your native language
  • 40% in 4 Subjects
  • 30% in 2 additional subjects

Higher Certificate Pass

A minimum of:

  • 40% in your native language
  • 40% in 2 subjects
  • 30% in 3 additional subjects

National Senior Certificate Pass

A minimum of:

  • 40% in your native language
  • 40% in 2 subjects
  • 30% for other subjects

Do I have the right to download my Matric Statement?

You cannot download your Matric Statement of Results. You can get your Matric statement in just one day. You can get your Matric results the next day if you apply today.

What is the Difference between a Matric Certificate and a Statement of Results?

Matric Certificate
Matric Statement Of Results
Permanent document
Temporary document
Used to apply for employment or university
Used to book space at university
Takes four to eight weeks to print
Can be printed in one day
It is a qualification
It is not a qualification

Can a person repeat Matric?

Yes, you can repeat Matric.

Rewrite Matric Entry Requirements

Are you already a Matric?

Incomplete Math

Failed Math

Passed Matric needs improvement

Statement of results

What can I do if I have passed Matric?

  • University study
  • Find work
  • You can take a gap year
  • Learn at University
  • To apply to university, you can use your Matric Certificate. Acceptance into the university depends on your ability to meet the requirements. This includes course and university requirements.
  • Find employment
  • To find work, you can use your Matric Certificate. Employers will value you. An important qualification in South Africa is the Matric Certificate. A Matric Certificate will allow you to work as:
  • Receptionist
  • Personal Assistant
  • Sales Assistant
  • Store Assistant
  • General Worker
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Call Centre Agent
  • Make a Gap Year

You can choose to take a gap-year after you have completed your Matric. You can take a year off school to do this. This is a great time to reflect on your career goals. There is plenty of time to apply for colleges and universities. You can also focus on your career advancement while you are taking your gap year. These are some of the things you can do:

  • Write a book
  • Read books
  • You can learn a new skill such as playing an instrument
  • Volunteer to work for organizations
  • Develop your talent

What can I study if I fail Matric?

Even if you fail Matric, you can still study many courses. These are the courses that you can take:

Short Courses

These courses can be used to help you apply for work or promotion.

Certificates proving Matric Equivalent

These courses can be used to help you apply for jobs. The courses will equip you with knowledge and skills that will increase your chances of getting hired.

Rewrite Matric

This course will allow you to rewrite your Matric. A Matric Certificate will be awarded, which can be used to apply for university or employment.

Adult Matric

This course can be taken by anyone, no matter your age. Once you complete this course, you will be issued a Matric certificate. The Matric Certificate can be used to apply for university or to find employment.

There are many places in the Cape Flats, Western Cape that assist with Matric tutoring and studies to help one pass or rewrite exams. Matric is the stepping stone to a brighter educational and employment future.

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