Hlaudi Motsoeneng Champions Immediate Change in the Free State

Can Motsoeneng’s Promise of Action Over Words Transform the ACM into a Political Force?

Hlaudi Motsoeneng Champions Immediate Change in the Free State

At a gathering in his hometown on Monday, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the leader of the African Content Movement (ACM), urged his followers not to endure another 30 years of stagnation before seeing improvements in their lives.

Motsoeneng proclaimed the ACM as the only entity in the Free State capable of bringing about immediate positive changes in people’s lives, highlighting the organization’s principle of prioritizing action over words.

He cautioned his supporters against expecting salvation from the current ruling party’s ministers, indicating that no external savior would come to enhance their conditions.

Motsoeneng pointed out the absence of any Sotho-speaking ministers from the Free State or Qwa-Qwa in the government, questioning how those not from their community could be expected to address their needs.

Reflecting on the last three decades, Motsoeneng criticized the government for its neglect, contrasting it with the employment situation during the apartheid era, where, despite the regime’s flaws, people had jobs.

Highlighting the misplaced loyalty to the late Nelson Mandela, Motsoeneng stressed that Mandela’s era in the ANC was over and that the ACM was the path forward for escaping poverty, positioning himself as the new leader to follow.

Motsoeneng criticized the ongoing support for a party that showed no concern for its people, sharing personal stories to illustrate the dire unemployment situation affecting families.

He attributed his success in leadership to his action-oriented approach and practicality, which he believes were enhanced by not having a matric qualification, enabling him to focus on tangible results rather than theoretical concepts.

Motsoeneng proudly mentioned his efforts at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), where he increased employment and awarded bonuses, showing his commitment to valuing and supporting his team.

He emphasized the importance of electing compassionate leaders, highlighting that such leaders would genuinely empathize with the challenges faced by their constituents.

With ambitions of becoming the Free State premier and securing a seat in the National Assembly, Motsoeneng is intensifying his campaign efforts, focusing on direct victories rather than forming coalitions.

Despite not seeking coalitions, Motsoeneng acknowledged that several parties have expressed interest in collaborating with him to challenge the ANC’s dominance.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

Name: Siphiwe Dlamini
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