Grieving Pastor Urges End to Gang Violence

Tragic Loss Strikes Rocklands Community

Grieving Pastor Urges End to Gang Violence

In the heart of Rocklands, Mitchells Plain, the echo of gunshots shattered the tranquility of the weekend, leaving a community reeling in grief. Pastor Stephen Noble, mourning the loss of his son Alfonso, 39, who fell victim to the deadly spate of shootings, spoke out, lamenting the toll gang violence exacts on innocent lives.

Alfonso was one of three individuals claimed by the violence within a 24-hour period, his life cut short tragically along the railway line at noon on Sunday. Despite increased police presence, the bloodshed persisted, with three more lives lost and six others wounded in a tavern shooting later that same day.

The scourge of gang violence gripped Rocklands tightly over the weekend, with a total of six lives lost in the chaos. Colonel Andre Traut, speaking on behalf of the police, revealed that investigations are underway by the Provincial Serious and Violent Crimes Unit to unravel the circumstances surrounding these senseless acts.

Colonel Traut elucidated: “At around 7:30 pm, two unidentified assailants unleashed gunfire at a group of men, aged between 29 and 46, at a tavern in Stratus Street, Rocklands. Tragically, three men succumbed to their injuries at the scene, while six others sustained gunshot wounds and were rushed to hospital for treatment.”

He continued, “Efforts to apprehend the suspects are underway, bolstered by additional operational forces deployed to thwart any further violence. Gangsterism’s grip on communities will not be tolerated.”

Residents, living amidst the turmoil, revealed the underlying gang rivalry fueling the bloodshed, identifying a conflict between the Americans and Fancy Boys as the root cause.

The weekend’s violence unfolded relentlessly, with a drive-by shooting claiming one life in Gold Street on Saturday night, followed by another fatal shooting in Viscount Avenue. Sunday, marked by Alfonso’s tragic demise, further compounded the community’s anguish.

Recalling the harrowing moment he discovered his son’s fate, Pastor Stephen recounted:

“I don’t believe he was the intended target, but perhaps a victim of circumstance. He stepped out for a smoke, encountering the shooters who, in a senseless act, ended his life.”

Despite arriving at the scene to find strangers rendering aid to his son, Pastor Stephen’s anguish was palpable:

“I attempted to communicate with him, his eyes open, but unresponsive. I held onto hope amidst the chaos until I was gently urged to step back.”

The tragic events have spurred calls for decisive action. MEC Reagen Allen emphasized the imperative for enhanced police efforts, stressing the importance of intelligence-gathering to preempt such tragedies.

“This and other violent incidents demand proactive measures,” MEC Allen asserted. “SAPS must optimize their intelligence capabilities to stem the tide of violence plaguing our communities.”

As Rocklands mourns its fallen, the call for peace and justice reverberates, a beacon of hope amidst the darkness cast by senseless violence.

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