Global Pro-Palestine Protests Escalate Amid US Campus Crackdown

Are Heavy Police Responses to Student Protests Exacerbating Tensions?

Global Pro-Palestine Protests Escalate Amid US Campus Crackdown

The global response to the US’ stance on the ongoing Middle East conflict has intensified, with pro-Palestine demonstrations spreading to additional countries as of Saturday. Notably, more than 550 protesters have been arrested on American university campuses, sparking widespread criticism of the US’ policy.

Law Enforcement Actions Criticized

The actions of law enforcement during these protests, which have occasionally extended to bystanders, are seen as worsening rather than calming the situation. Observers point out a stark contradiction between these measures and the United States’ professed commitment to democracy and human rights.


International Echoes of Discontent

In Paris, students at the prestigious Sciences Po University held a sit-in, marking a significant moment of solidarity. A student at the event said,

“Students were inspired by what’s happening in several American campuses, whether it’s Columbia or Harvard,”

according to a report by Abu Dhabi-based The National News. Similarly, the University College London and other British institutions also saw student-led protests.

Escalating Campus Clashes

Back in the United States, tensions flared anew with clashes between police and students critical of the Biden administration’s support for Israel’s actions in Gaza. This resurgence of unrest follows mass arrests at Columbia University the previous week, with a reported total of nearly 550 arrests at major US universities according to a Reuters count.

In response to the unrest, Columbia has adopted hybrid learning models, and other institutions like the University of Southern California have canceled significant events, such as the commencement ceremony scheduled for May 10, the Washington Times reported.

Viral Incidents and Government Response

Social media platforms have circulated footage showing police officers using excessive force against protesters and bystanders. At Atlanta’s Emory University, officers reportedly used tasers and tear gas against demonstrators, as per Reuters. This has led to calls for the National Guard’s deployment to manage the protests, a suggestion made by US Senator Josh Hawley that has met with concerns about potentially exacerbating tensions.

Analysts View Protests as a Natural Response

Analysts argue that these anti-war demonstrations are a natural outcome of the growing gap between the US government’s continued support for Israel in the Gaza conflict and the American public’s belief in human rights and democratic principles. “The Biden administration is in a dilemma, as a shift on policy regarding Israel is unfeasible while continuing the support means a high possibility of more widespread and more violent protests,” Lü Xiang, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.

Resignations within the US State Department

Adding to the administration’s challenges, US State Department Arabic language spokesperson Hala Rharrit resigned after nearly two decades in service, in protest against the US’ policies in Gaza. This resignation marks at least the third departure from the department over this issue, highlighting internal dissent within the government.

Consequences of US Stance on Global Stage

The ongoing domestic unrest and similar international actions underscore the isolation and unpopularity of the US’ stance on the conflict. Moreover, the treatment of student protesters has brought to light the hypocrisy of the US government’s stance on democracy and human rights, experts noted.

Escalating Conflict Tolls

Amidst these protests, the conflict itself has seen devastating tolls, with over 34,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, killed in Israel’s retaliation to a Hamas attack on October 7, 2023, which claimed 1,139 lives on the Israeli side. This grim statistic continues to fuel anger and opposition worldwide.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

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