Which FNB Branch Code Do I use to EFT?

FNB Bank Universal Branch Code

What FNB Branch Code Do I use to EFT

First National Bank (FNB), one of South Africa’s foremost financial institutions, has streamlined the process of electronic funds transfers with its universal branch code system. The FNB Universal Branch Code, 250 655, is a user-friendly solution that simplifies banking procedures by eliminating the need for individual branch codes during transactions, promoting efficiency and reducing error rates. This innovation enhances customer experience by making bank transfers smoother and more accessible, regardless of the branch location within the bank’s extensive network.

What is the FNB Universal Branch Code?

The FNB Universal Branch Code for South Africa is 250 655. This six-digit number streamlines electronic funds transfers (EFT) within FNB’s network by providing a straightforward alternative to traditional branch-specific codes.

Benefits of Using the FNB Universal Branch Code

  • Simplified Transactions: Utilize one universal code across FNB’s network, avoiding the hassle of finding and using different branch codes, thus saving time and reducing complexity.
  • Error Prevention: Minimizes risks of mistakes by using a single, constant code, reducing the likelihood of errors in entering varied branch codes.
  • Flexibility: Even without specific branch details, transferring funds is seamless using just the account number and the universal branch code, facilitating ease of transactions.

FNB Universal Branch Code & SWIFT Code

FNB Universal Branch Code: 250 655


In South Africa, the First National Bank (FNB) simplifies electronic funds transfers (EFT) with a universal branch code. This six-digit number, 250 655, serves as an easy alternative to individual branch codes, enhancing convenience across FNB’s network.

Why Use the FNB Universal Branch Code?

  • Simplified Transactions: Use one universal code for all internal transfers, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Error Prevention: Minimizes the risk of input errors associated with using multiple branch codes.
  • Flexibility: Allows transactions using just the account number and universal branch code, even without specific branch details.

FNB Branch Codes by Region

Region Branch Code
Pretoria 251445
The Glen 259605
East London 260210
Midrand 210553
Fourways View 251655
Greenstone 201510
Kempton Park 210016
Lenasia 210007
Braamfontein 251905
Park Station Johannesburg 210026

These codes are examples of FNB’s extensive list of individual branch codes, each corresponding to specific locations throughout South Africa. For a full list, it’s best to consult FNB’s official website or visit a local branch.

SWIFT Code for International Transactions

For international banking, FNB’s SWIFT code, FIRNZAJJ, identifies the bank globally. This code is crucial for international funds transfers, ensuring secure and accurate transactions between financial institutions worldwide.


Utilizing the FNB universal branch code, 250 655, simplifies EFT within South Africa, making banking more accessible and error-free. For global transactions, the SWIFT code FIRNZAJJ facilitates reliable and secure international payments.

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