Five Fitness Habits That Are Hurting Your Progress

Five Fitness Habits That Are Hurting Your Progress
Five Fitness Habits That Are Hurting Your Progress

Jenna Rizzo, a seasoned fitness coach with six years of experience, recently took to TikTok to share insights on five common fitness habits that may actually impede progress rather than promote it, particularly in terms of weight loss and overall fitness development. Contrary to their appearance of being healthy or beneficial, these habits can hinder individuals’ journeys towards their fitness goals. Here’s a recap of her key points:

Going Overboard at the Gym

At the forefront of Rizzo’s list of detrimental habits is the tendency to push oneself too hard during workouts. She underscores that relentless exertion at the gym, multiple times a week, can lead to burnout and fatigue without yielding the anticipated physical changes. According to Rizzo, moderation and a balanced approach to intensity are paramount for sustainable fitness progress.

“Pushing yourself to extreme limits in the gym multiple times a week can lead to burnout without the expected body changes.”

Imposing Strict Food Rules

Another pitfall highlighted by Rizzo is the inclination to impose rigid regulations around food consumption. She explains that adhering to strict dietary guidelines can harm one’s relationship with food, potentially triggering cycles of binge eating and restrictive eating patterns. Rizzo candidly shares her own experience of grappling with this approach, emphasizing the significant damage it inflicted and the lengthy process of recovery.

“Strict dietary rules can damage your relationship with food, leading to cycles of binge eating and restriction.”

Chasing Someone Else’s Physique

Rizzo cautions against the tendency to strive for a physique mirroring that of another individual. She asserts that aspiring to emulate someone else’s body can be counterproductive and demoralizing. Even if one adopts the same dietary regimen and exercise routine as their fitness role model, disparities in genetic makeup mean that identical results are unlikely. Instead, Rizzo advocates embracing one’s unique physique and setting personalized fitness objectives for greater effectiveness.

“Aspiring to have someone else’s physique can be futile and discouraging.”

Avoiding Self-Shaming and Cultivating a Positive Mindset

Furthermore, Rizzo advises against engaging in self-criticism and fostering a negative self-image, particularly in response to dietary slip-ups or missed workout sessions. She underscores the detrimental impact of self-directed reproach on mental well-being and overall fitness progression. Instead, Rizzo advocates cultivating a compassionate attitude towards oneself and adopting a mindset focused on growth and self-improvement.

“Self-criticism for dietary slip-ups or missed workouts fosters an overall poor self-image and undermines your mental health and fitness journey.”

Prioritizing Rest and Sleep

Lastly, Rizzo emphasizes the significance of prioritizing adequate rest and sleep for optimal fitness outcomes. She highlights the critical role of sufficient sleep in facilitating recovery and progress, cautioning against the tendency to overlook its importance. According to Rizzo, allocating a mere six to seven hours of sleep per night falls short of meeting the body’s requirements for optimal performance and recuperation. By prioritizing restorative rest, individuals can enhance their fitness results and overall well-being.

“Adequate sleep is crucial for recovery and progress.”

In essence, Rizzo’s insights underscore the necessity of adopting a balanced and moderate approach to fitness, with an emphasis on safeguarding mental health, establishing realistic goals, and prioritizing adequate rest. By steering clear of these detrimental habits, individuals can foster more sustainable and fulfilling progress on their fitness journeys.

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Written by Bobby Boucher


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