Expensive School Uniforms Prompt Action from Competition Commission

In South Africa, the issue of the high cost of school uniforms has become a significant concern for parents, leading to a substantial number of complaints being lodged with the Competition Commission. This issue primarily stems from the exclusive agreements that schools have with certain uniform suppliers, which parents argue leads to inflated prices.

The Voice of Parents and Governing Bodies

Parents have expressed their frustration over what they perceive as exorbitant prices for school uniforms. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that many schools have entered into ‘evergreen contracts’ with specific suppliers, limiting parents’ options to more affordable alternatives. The National Association of School Governing Bodies (NASGB) has joined the chorus of voices calling for change. They advocate for parents’ right to purchase school uniforms from a variety of sources, depending on what they can afford.

Matakanye Matakanye, a representative of the NASGB, emphasized to SABC News the importance of choice in purchasing uniforms. He stated, “Uniforms must not be exclusively bought from one shop.” Matakanye further expressed the NASGB’s opposition to the ongoing evergreen contracts between schools and certain suppliers, advocating instead for parents to have the freedom to buy according to their budget.

Competition Commission’s Stance and Actions

In 2021, the Competition Commission took a firm stance against the exclusivity of school uniform suppliers. Karabo Motaung, speaking on behalf of the commission in an interview with eNCA, clarified their position. While they have decided not to prosecute schools, Motaung warned that continued restrictive practices could lead to legal action. He encouraged parents who feel compelled to buy from specific suppliers to bring their complaints to the commission.

The commission has previously advocated for guidelines that promote healthy competition among school uniform suppliers. These guidelines include the adoption of generic uniforms available from multiple suppliers, the appointment of more than one supplier by schools to offer parents choices, and limiting exclusivity to items deemed necessary by the school. Additionally, they suggest that exclusive agreements should have a duration of three to five years.

The Importance of Competition

The Competition Commission underscores the importance of competition in the supply of school uniforms. It believes that competition not only benefits parents through lower prices and better-quality products but also supports economic growth. This growth is manifested in the creation of jobs, the entry of new businesses into the market, and an increase in consumer choice.

How Parents Can Take Action

Parents who wish to lodge complaints regarding the issue of school uniform pricing and supplier exclusivity can contact the Competition Commission. Complaints can be submitted via email at, through WhatsApp at 084 743 0000, or directly through the Competition Commission’s website.

This ongoing issue highlights the delicate balance between school policy and economic fairness, with the well-being and financial strain of parents at its core. The Competition Commission’s involvement signifies a step towards more equitable practices in the realm of school uniforms, potentially leading to a more competitive and fair market.

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