Electoral Commission Gears Up for Voter Registration Drive

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Electoral Commission Gears Up for Voter Registration Drive

Sy Mamabolo, the Chief Electoral Officer, has conveyed that the Electoral Commission is fully equipped and ready for the forthcoming Voter Registration Weekend slated for February 3rd and 4th, 2024. This event marks a pivotal moment for South African citizens eligible to cast their votes, offering them an opportunity to either sign up as voters or confirm their registration details ahead of the pivotal elections for the National Assembly and Provincial Legislatures.

Addressing the press in Pretoria, Mamabolo emphasized the significance of this registration drive, stating, “The Electoral Commission will conduct the second voter registration weekend on February 3rd and 4th, 2024, laying the groundwork for the upcoming general elections of the National Assembly and Provincial Legislatures.”

He added,

“We further urge eligible voters to visit the registration stations, to inspect, or update their registration details or to do so online.”

The Commission has prepared extensively for the weekend, training over 69,718 personnel to facilitate the process. Registration venues will be open from 08:00 to 17:00 to accommodate all who wish to participate.

Mamabolo outlined the rigorous selection process for electoral staff, which was developed in close collaboration with the national political liaison committee. Additionally, the names of those trained have been circulated among municipal political liaison committees, allowing for any objections to staff members deemed unfit for their roles. Remarkably, of the total staff, 53,028 are women, and 16,690 are men. There’s a youthful edge to the workforce, with 35,640 staff members under 35, and 26,475 aged between 36 and 50. The remainder, 7,603, are aged 51 and above. Notably, 50,213 of the total staff are currently unemployed, highlighting the Commission’s role in providing employment opportunities.

“The commission’s shared objective is to ensure every eligible voter in South Africa is registered for participation in the 2024 National and Provincial Elections,” Mamabolo stated.

He reiterated the standard protocol for voting, which mandates that individuals vote in the precinct where they are registered. An exception to this rule allows for voting outside the designated district, provided the voter has notified the commission in advance, as per the adjustments to the electoral law. Mamabolo assured that further details on how to notify the commission would be made available following the registration weekend.

The Electoral Commission’s preparations indicate a robust framework designed to facilitate the democratic process, with an inclusive approach that encompasses both the engagement of a diverse workforce and the provision of various registration modalities to ensure broad participation in the upcoming elections.

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