Clash in Chad Leads to Death of Opposition Figure Yaya Dillo

What Does the Death of Yaya Dillo Signal for Chad’s Political Future?

Clash in Chad Leads to Death of Opposition Figure Yaya Dillo

In a recent development from Chad, Yaya Dillo, a prominent opposition figure and cousin to the country’s transitional leader, Mahamat Idriss Deby, was fatally wounded during a confrontation with security forces. The incident, which marks a significant escalation in the Sahel nation’s political turmoil, was confirmed by authorities on Thursday.

Dillo, who played a leading role in the Socialist Party Without Borders (PSF), was accused by the military-led government of orchestrating an armed assault on the National State Security Agency (ANSE) on Wednesday. This bold move reportedly led to several casualties, although specific numbers remain undisclosed.

State prosecutor Oumar Mahamat Kedelaye reported to the press that Dillo was among those killed during the raid on the ANSE, signaling a grave turn in the events that unfolded. Earlier allegations against Dillo had been robustly refuted by him, particularly through a Facebook update on Wednesday, where he disclosed that military personnel had besieged him and others within the PSF headquarters in N’Djamena, Chad’s capital.

In his statement, Dillo also mentioned the death of PSF finance secretary Ahmed Torabi, who was allegedly shot dead on Tuesday. The government had previously claimed Torabi was apprehended for attempting to assassinate a Supreme Court president.

The general secretary of the PSF conveyed to Reuters that the confrontation occurred when soldiers fired upon a group of party members outside the ANSE building. They were purportedly there to collect Torabi’s body, highlighting the tensions surrounding the incident.

Following these clashes, heavy gunfire was reported near Dillo’s primary party office in N’Djamena on Wednesday. Reuters also noted that the opposition’s headquarters was later sealed off by authorities.

Chadian Communication Minister Abderaman Koulamallah assured that the situation was under control, citing arrests and ongoing searches for other individuals. On Thursday, Koulamallah informed the AFP news agency about Dillo’s demise, stating it occurred at his party’s headquarters.

Koulamallah further elaborated, “He didn’t want to surrender and fired on law enforcement,” adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative.

This incident emerges amidst preparations for presidential elections scheduled for May, with a potential runoff in June. These elections are aimed at transitioning the former French colony back to civilian rule after three years under military governance.

Dillo, a vocal critic of interim ruler Mahamat Idriss Deby, had expressed intentions to contest in the upcoming presidential race. Deby assumed control following the death of his father, Idriss Deby Itno, in 2021, who died in combat against rebels after a three-decade reign.

Prior to the altercation, Dillo had issued a warning against US and European Union support for Deby’s campaign, labeling any external financial aid to the ruling MPS party (Mouvement patriotique du salut) as tacit approval of the country’s authoritarian regime. This statement underscores the political divisions and the contentious atmosphere surrounding the forthcoming elections.

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Written by Siphiwe Dlamini

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