Call for Action Against Wetton Scrap Dealer

Is a Wetton Scrap Dealer Disrupting Community Life?

Call for Action Against Wetton Scrap Dealer

A campaign has gathered momentum in Wetton, with nearly a thousand individuals signing a petition to advocate for the relocation of a local scrap dealer, SA Metal. Situated at the crossroads of Wetton and Plantation Road, the establishment has been identified as a source of frustration for the community, linked to a variety of disruptions including increased criminal activity, environmental degradation, and vehicular congestion.

The online petition, initiated anonymously on, highlights the community’s growing unease over the detrimental effects the scrapyard inflicts on their daily lives and the broader neighborhood environment.

“Our sidewalks are suffering damage, and incidents of car tyres being punctured by nails, screws, glass shards, and metal fragments have become a frequent ordeal,” one resident articulated. “This situation transcends mere inconvenience, presenting a tangible threat to our safety.”

Further grievances noted within the petition include the incompatibility of the scrap dealer’s operations with the residential nature of the area, leading to significant traffic disruptions.

“Customers of SA Metal often park inappropriately along the red lines, obstructing access to business and residential driveways. The establishment is a major contributor to pollution, both noise and air, adversely affecting our living conditions,” the resident added, expressing a strong conviction that the removal of the dealer would yield considerable improvements.

SA Metal was approached for comment on these accusations and requested that a comprehensive email detailing the residents’ concerns be sent. However, the company had not provided a response by the time this article was prepared.

During a visit, a noticeable queue of customers and large trucks was observed, exacerbating traffic flow issues in and out of the scrapyard.

Ward councillor William Akim acknowledged that the challenges posed by the scrap dealer have been a persistent issue since 2006, predating his tenure.

“This problem is one I inherited. We’ve convened meetings at the site with law enforcement, traffic authorities, and the South African Police Service to address the complications arising from the scrap collectors,” Akim stated.

The presence of the scrap dealer is also suspected of attracting criminal elements from beyond the local area, leading to further degradation of public infrastructure.

“Individuals arrive from various locations with their scrap, causing damage to our infrastructure,” Akim observed. “A relocation of this establishment is imperative, considering the considerable concerns it raises among residents and road users alike.”

In response to these ongoing issues, Akim confirmed that the case has been escalated to the sub-council, which is set to organize a meeting with representatives from SA Metal to discuss the situation further.

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