Brazen Daylight Hijacking in Crawford Captured on CCTV

A Shocking Daylight Robbery Highlights Community Courage and Sparks Police Manhunt

Brazen Daylight Hijacking in Crawford Captured on CCTV

In a startling incident that unfolded in broad daylight, a surveillance camera captured the moment an elderly woman was overpowered and her vehicle hijacked right in front of her home in Crawford, raising concerns over public safety and prompting a police investigation.

A Terrifying Encounter

The unsettling event took place on a quiet Wednesday morning, around 10:30 AM, when a 72-year-old woman, affectionately known as auntie, was unloading groceries from her Hyundai Atos. Unbeknownst to her, a young man, identifiable by his black hat and maroon top, was lurking nearby. The CCTV footage, spanning a minute, chillingly documents the man’s movements as he initially walks past the woman, sizing her up before making his decisive, menacing approach.

With a sudden change of heart, the assailant turns towards the elderly woman, brandishing a weapon. A tense struggle ensues as the startled victim attempts to reclaim her keys from the assailant’s grasp. Despite her efforts, she is forcefully pushed away, culminating in a distressing scene where she is shoved with such force that she is propelled through the air, landing harshly on her back and striking her head on the pavement.

Community Response

In the immediate aftermath, the resilience of the community shines through. A passing motorist in a silver car comes to a halt, rushing to assist the beleaguered woman. Meanwhile, a neighbor, armed with nothing but a broom, confronts the hijacker in a valiant effort to thwart the escape. Another individual, donned in a dayglo vest, joins the fray, narrowly avoiding being struck as the culprit revs the engine and makes a hasty retreat. Additional footage reveals two other witnesses, clad in blue overalls, positioned out of the victim and assailant’s view.

The Investigation Unfolds

While the footage highlights a single perpetrator, Lansdowne police have disclosed that they are actively searching for two suspects linked to this audacious crime. The primary suspect is believed to have ties to Hanover Park, suggesting a possible lead in the ongoing investigation.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Wesley Twigg provided an official statement: “Lansdowne police are investigating a hijacking case following an incident in St Kilda Road, Crawford on Wednesday in which a 72-year-old female’s vehicle was taken. According to reports, the victim was offloading groceries from her vehicle when she was approached by two unknown suspects who demanded the keys of the vehicle and sped off with the vehicle. The suspects are yet to be arrested.”

In a community call to action, authorities are urging anyone with information regarding the incident to come forward. Contacting Crime Stop at 08600 10111 could provide the crucial details needed to apprehend those responsible and prevent further acts of brazen criminality.

What to look for?

Incident Detail Description
Date and Time Wednesday, around 10:30 AM
Location St Kilda Road, Crawford
Victim 72-year-old female
Suspects Two, with one believed to be from Hanover Park
Police Response Lansdowne police investigating, suspects yet to be arrested
Community Assistance Urged to contact Crime Stop at 08600 10111

This harrowing episode not only underscores the audacity of modern criminals but also highlights the spirit of community and resilience in the face of adversity. As the investigation continues, the hope remains that justice will soon be served, restoring peace and safety to the Crawford neighborhood.

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Written by Bobby Boucher


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